Sunday, September 30, 2012

October To Do List

Besides from the last minute wedding items we need to tackle like the seating chart, place cards, last minute decor items and so on I want to squeeze in some fun - after all, fall is my favorite season!

pumpkin picking
I make it a mission every year to visit a farm and go pumpkin picking. I cheated this year already with buying a pumpkin for our front porch from Trader Joes, but I have a plan that doesn't involve carving them so that's my excuse for dragging hubs to the pumpkin patch if he asks!

buy fresh apple cider
This year I want apple cider fresh from the farm. Usually I always have a gallon in my fridge around this time of year that I pick up from the grocery store or Trader Joes, but nothing beats the real deal.

invite friends over for game night and a bon fire
So this one is half way crossed off since we already have a game night scheduled with a few friends for the first weekend in October, but that still means we need to make sure the bon fire happens! My mom helped us build an amazing fire pit and seating area in our back yard this spring/summer so we need to put it to good use!

buy halloween candy
I know this sounds simple, but it's our first actual year having to buy Halloween candy! In college we never had to, and after college we lived so far out in the middle of nowhere that we never had any trick-or-treaters. We are going to get slammed this year - our neighborhood is HUGE and there are tons of surrounding neighborhoods. I can't wait to see all of the kids!

make our dogs wear halloween costumes
I've spotted a few cute costumes for pets and this year I intend to dog shame our pups! haha Plus, who doesn't love a small dog dressed as a ladybug or penguin?

jump in a pile of leaves
This one will be easy - minus the raking part. Since our house backs to woods it creates a lot of privacy, but also a TON of leaves! This is a freebie to-do item and I plan on jumping into at least 1 big pile of leaves this fall.

make a pumpkin dessert
I've been pinning tons of pumpkin themed desserts on pinterest and plan to make at least one of them! Maybe a pumpkin trifle for our game night?!

make a fall wreath
I plan on hitting up Hobby Lobby for some DIY wreath items to make one weekend. Our front door could use the lovin' and I am digging these DIY wreaths I have seen on other blogs! Okay, maybe the succulent wreath doesn't scream fall, but how gorgeous is that?

Friday, September 28, 2012

Trader Joe Fall Favs

Who doesn't love Trader Joes? Especially when you are greeted with stacks of pumpkins and mums on your way inside? Next year I'm tempted to decorate our front door step with those Cinderella pumpkins on the right. I love the white ones!


I saw this pumpkin Greek yogurt on Trader Joes website when I was looking for dinner inspiration and crossed my fingers that my local store had it in stock. I can't wait to try it with some sliced apples, cinnamon and maybe even a drizzle of honey. Ugh, mouth watering...

I had to pick up some avocados when I saw they were only 99 cents. I love the sign that they put up - who knew that storing an avocado half with a piece of raw onion in the fridge would keep it from browning?! Thanks for the tip TJ!

I am obsessed with these and am so excited to find them at the store again! I love spreading the the fig butter on toast - it tastes just like a fig newton bar! The honey apple butter is amazing also - and I love that these have no fat (and only 40 calories and 9g of sugar per tbs). I haven't tried the pumpkin butter yet.

If you pick these up, look on the side of the label for their suggestions of how to use it - the pumpkin butter's label says, "We suggest using Trader Joe's Pumpkin Butter as a pastry filling, poultry glaze, ice cream topping, on toast or mixed with fat free cream cheese for a unique spread." It also gives you simple instructions for turning it into pumpkin soup!

I have such a hard time finding Quinoa in grocery stores so I always grab some when I am at TJ's. I'm planning on making BBQ chicken quinoa salad one night this week.

Canned pumpkin. Enough said. I'm sure I could find a way to use this in 2 seconds looking on Pinterest.

Last, but not least. I found the gem - pumpkin spice coffee... and  get this - for only $3.99. If I wasn't sold at pumpkin spice, I was definitely sold on that price. I can't wait to try this with some vanilla or caramel creamer. I might need to stock up on this!

I also grabbed some eucalyptus and placed it on our entry table - it's already made the entire first floor smell amazing. I love fall!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Fall Entry Decor Inspiration

I'm back! I recently started a blog with my friend Lauren,, and it made me realize how much I miss sharing my thoughts and loves with all of you. So here I am, I hope you'll continue to follow along :)

It's officially fall - which means it is completely acceptable to break out the pumpkins and fall decor (even though we have been burning pumpkin pie candles all month)! Walking past Trader Joe's at work today I couldn't help but grab a few pumpkins - they had mini pumpkins for about 70 cents each, these adorable striped larger mini pumpkins for a dollar and regular pumpkins for only 3.99 - I couldn't resist.

I've been pinning ideas for my pumpkins and entry way lately. Here's what I have been loving...

I love the idea of turning pumpkins into flower pots for mums or pansies! I learned a trick - spray bleach after carving out the inside of the pumpkin and it will prevent it from molding with the varying weather.

I'm also really digging the idea of painting pumpkins - I can't wait to paint our house number on a pumpkin and add a pop of color with a fun pattern like chevron for our front doorstep!

I love these recycled glass jugs from West Elm. They are the perfect container for tree branches for an entry console. Rustic and beautiful - with a touch of aqua.

I'll be sure to share some of my DIY fall decor once complete!