Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This past Christmas I bought a Living Social deal for one of their cooking classes. I thought it would be something new and fun my Dad and I could do together. With Valentine's Day coming up, this would be an AWESOME thing to do with your lover and I highly suggest it!

The great thing about living in Maryland is DC and Baltimore are both easily accessible. The Living Social DC headquarters is located right near the Verizon Center and driving to it and finding parking was actually easy!

We loved that you could buy beer or half bottles of cava/wine. The prices were decent and drinking while cooking makes everything better!

We started with a shrimp appetizer - easily my favorite meal we made.

The Living Social helpers bring you each round's (meal) ingredients pre-measured for you, which makes things really easy.

Our second course was mussels in a tomato based broth. Both my Dad and I usually don't touch these things, but we both ate the entire dish. It was really light and we held off on some of the spice - which was a good decision!

Our third course meal was our least favorite. I am usually a lover of calamari, but there wasn't enough breading and I definitely cooked these for too long :-(

Our fourth dish (and final course) was oven baked Moroccan white fish. It was delicious and even though the Living Social helpers placed it in the oven for the group, it came out awesome.

My Dad and I had such a great time, I definitely recommend these classes for anyone that wants to try something new, fun with friends/family/lovers!


  1. Once we sell our house and start traveling, all I want to do are classes. Moroccan cooking. Pottery. Photography. Base jumping. Err. Well my body may not agree with that last one. DC is pretty manageable for us but it's one of those things that turns into a day thing. Can't wait to try it through living social though!

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