Friday, January 4, 2013

Adding Nail Trim to Our Couch

My first project of 2013 is 3/4 completed and it was a little terrifying at first to be honest. I've been thinking of adding nail trim to our couch for a couple of months, but was afraid that I would completely mess it up and be left with a million tiny holes and Chris shooting me dirty looks lol

This was actually the photo that inspired me to add nail trim to our couch (source). See how the chair fabric and color are similar to ours? I loved the way it added a little glam to an ordinary piece.


During our Christmas break, Chris and I headed to our local ACE hardware to get glass cut for our kitchen cabinets, and I had remembered my mom mentioning that they had upholstery nails there. I was actually surprised by the selection they had. I ended up choosing a larger round head with a nickel finish. We have a lot of bronze elements in the room, but I think mixing finishes are okay as long as there is another item in the room that has the same finish - and our  side table lamps help tie the nickel to the room. 

At first, I put 3 nail heads in for a few days before committing to do the entire arm just to make sure I liked the look. I read a few tutorials (here and here) that mentioned measuring the nail head placement, but I ran out of patience and ended up eye balling all of ours - which ended up fine. You get the hang of the placement after a few are in. 

The process went along pretty quickly. I know people hammer them in all the way to the wood base for a tufted look, but I decided against that for us since the tufts didn't look completely even and made everything look funky. these are securely into our couch, just not hammered in all of the way. 

Our couch legs go in slightly at the bottom which scared me at first, because I felt as though the nail trim wouldn't appear to be in a consistent, pretty line. It turned out well, but next time I add nail trim, I may stick to furniture pieces that have that have a straight line characteristic. 

So what do you think? I was a little worried at first, but so many people reached out on Facebook and Instagram calling it a win (Thank you! You reassured me!)

Materials needed - my couch took approx. 4 boxes of 25 nail heads for this larger arm and 2 boxes for the smaller arm (since it has a chaise lounge), tape measure (for those who are OCD) and a hammer. I wouldn't drink any wine while doing this...