Thursday, January 10, 2013

Side Table Look Alike

If you're anything like me, you keep your eyes open to sales at all of your favorite home stores. I love browsing West Elm, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel and more (many more), but I always wait for my must have items to go on sale before buying. Why? We really are in no hurry of replacing the hand-me-down furniture we have and it's worth it to us to wait for the things we love. Plus the wait usually gives me time to process if this item is really going to fit in with our space or not.

These stores always rotate their sales, so it's beneficial to wait it out.

I've been crazy for the West Elm carved wood side table for awhile - wanting one for our back family room. I thought it would look great with a cream sofa and dark walls. This side table could work in so many spaces, I can picture it moving from room to room in our house. The bummer - it sells for $199 at West Elm. Crazy!

We recently purchased our dining room buffet at World Market, and I love the way it looks! It fits in with our Crate and Barrel purchases and you can't tell we got it for a fraction of the price. Right now World Market has up to 50% off their furniture and guess what...

Their look alike tribal carved wood accent table is selling for 50% off for only $75. I couldn't believe it. The dimensions are identical to West Elm's side table... actually, the entire table is practically identical. I'm making a trip to the store this weekend to check it out in person. If you are grabbing it from a store, I always find it beneficial to call ahead to make sure it's in stock and to put one on hold.

How cute does this look in the hubble chronicles living room? I love their high back sofa too!

And here is Making it Lovely's living room with the West Elm version. I like searching for how other people use furniture pieces in their homes when looking.

Find any good steals lately?


  1. Ahhhh, that's awesome! I love that table!! If the dimensions were a little smaller, I'd be getting it for our bedroom!

  2. What a cute table, I love the uniqueness of the design, nice beds with mattress sale