Monday, May 6, 2013


Is anyone else obsessing over the Target real-life "doll house" set up in Grand Central Station? Target's Threshold collection furnishes this real-life doll house for the next two days (may 6th and 7th) at New York's Grand Central Station.

I've been keeping my eye on all of the decor through Instagram. You can too by searching #thedollhouse. Here are some of my favorite finds...

Target has so many cute vases and baskets lately - love this aqua one!

I never thought of adding multiples of the same mirror over a couch. I love this idea - especially with fun starburst mirrors!

Loving how they have kitchen towel rolled up within this dipped basket in their kitchen. And you know I love the white cabinets with black hardware - just like we have in ours!

These dishes are totally calling my name! I'd love to pick up some of the gray ones for our dining room to bring out on special occasions. I also love the S&P and vase on top of a cake platter as a centerpiece!

Love these layered rugs. I am a sucker for wicker furniture and woven rugs so this has my name all over it!

How adorable is this corner nook? I bet if you had a small space you could easily recreate this in a basement or living room. I've sat on those chairs and they are super comfy!

A cluster of pendants with different shades is really cute!

Again - love the rustic table with the upholstered chairs.

Sea glass containers and cherry blossom branches bring in the Spring - I definitely have plenty of those branches. I might try and arrangement like this for Mother's day!

You can't go wrong with a storage ottoman in a living room! Love the rope pulls on this table tray too.

Gourd lamps never go out of style and I love how they added a fun shade to this one to make it pop.

Are you loving this as much as me?!


  1. Such gorgeous images...I absolutely love this collection! And I already have quite a few pieces of it in my house hehe.

  2. I now have a million additional things I want to add to my target wish list! I'm the type of person when I see an item styled in a home or on display I fall in love with it a million times harder!

  3. I can't find any of this stuff online :/

    1. That's weird! I went online today and found a lot of it. I'll do a post with some of the items I loved in the dollhouse with their link online. I did have to go through 70+ pages on my phone though!