Thursday, June 2, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow

Hiii! I am still alive! I promise!!

I have been on the go the past two weeks and finally have recouped from all the events! Last weekend we took a 4 day mini vacation to the beach with our college friends. I don't have many pics, but I'll tell you about that on my next post.

I know it isn't Tuesday but there has been a lot of action going on in my garden!

This morning (yes, that is my zebra robe and nail polish from Sunday night) I walked outside and saw my spinach looks like it is finally large enough to pick a few leaves! The top photo is from last week! It is growing like crazy!

My cilantro plant is happy as can be. I moved it up towards our house on our outside table so it could cool off. I'm not sure if it likes extreme heat!

My pepper plant before I tore off the leaves at the bottom... you'll see why below.

My strawberry plants! Do you see that strawberry? No bugs got to it! I am moving them up towards the house as well just in case. The dish soap spray must be working!

My roma tomato plants are doing well. I need to trim them up and set up the tomato cage since they are getting tall!

Chance wanted to help me in the garden this morning... Such a little lion!

And last but not least is my cantaloupe plant! It just bloomed it's first flower and sprouted it's first vines! I am so excited! So you see those buds on the leaves? I'm guessing that is my baby cantaloupe getting ready to grow nice and big!!

How many cantaloupes will I get from each vine? (I have two so far)
Depending on the growing area, variety of plant, and the care given, I can expect 3 to 8 fruits from a single vine. Holy moly that is a lot! It takes 75-100 days to fully mature.

Why should I trim the bottom leaves off my tomato and pepper plants?
It prevents disease from the splash up of water. It also promotes growth. My aunt told me if I do this to my tomato plants, I will see larger, healthier plants! It also will help control your tomato plant from going crazy like mine did last year!!


  1. I'm running outside to trim my tomato plants again -- even better than earlier b/c of this GLORIOUS tip! thank you dahhhling! <3 keep em coming!

  2. No Problem!! Link up your latest post or I'll link it for you! It was so good!

  3. I wish I had a garden to link up to! Love the garden you have! Chance is SO CUTE!

  4. Your strawberry is so cute! You garden will be glorious in no time :)

  5. Aw I love your cute little strawberry plant. I'm glad no bugs got to it! :) And Chance is adorable, your little garden helper haha

  6. wow your garden looks great... my strawberries are hanging in there so far I havent sprayed them with soap yet but I need to!!

  7. What a cute little dog! I'm so jealous you have a garden! I live in downtown LA so I don't even have a yard. I do have a dog park on the roof though, just no dog. One day I'll have a garden and I hope it will do as well as yours!

  8. My basil is doing amazingly, however my other herbs got destroyed in the bad storms we had this week :(
    I'm going to try and replant them and hopefully this time they survive...

  9. Your garden is looking good!! Love the pic of your pup "helping" out in the garden! Have a fun weekend!

  10. found your blog through fit, fierce and fabulous! lovee your garden and your puppies, sooo cute! I'll be following :)

  11. Wow, girl, I'm so impressed with your plants! I dream of having a garden like yours someday! Until then, can I come over and enjoy eating the fresh spinach and strawberries with you? ;-)