Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hey y'all! Is it weird I don't live in the South and just had a strong urge to use the word y'all? No? Okay.

I know I have been out of the game, but the world of Cara has been going cray cray lately, but I am back! Maybe it was the near death experience of today's earthquake that pushed me back to blogging. A 5.8 earthquake is a big deal okay people. We are on the East Coast! Either way. I'm back and I promise to make it a good one. :)

Let's start with fashion. I haven't bought any clothes in almost two months just so I could save up to spend all of my money on fall clothes. 

Have I told you how much I love fall? I did? Well here it is again... I LOVE FALL! Hats, scarfs, skinny pants, oversized sweaters, boots, colorful coats, BOOTS! I love everything that comes with the season :)

Let's start with these skinny jeans. I am dying to buy colorful skinny jeans for the fall. I think it is such a great way to add a pop of color to an outfit. Plus, color blocking is back in full force and this is a great way to utilize it. Think a pair of orange skinny jeans, white shirt and a teal cardigan. Easy!

I think purple is my most craved color of pants with red coming in as a close second. I'm thinking purple skinny jeans, black riding boots and a cream oversized sweater. Hello Purple Friday's, I am ready for you!

Next up on my fall wishlist is a yellow pea coat. Mustard yellow just screams fall to me. I'm envisioning this with dark washed jeans and a pair of brown or black boots. This coat screams wear a cute hat with me!!

I've been participating in boot camp recently and am proud of my running accomplishments. I am by no means a great runner. I wouldn't even go as far as saying I love it, because that word is a little too strong. I enjoy how I feel afterwards and I enjoy seeing my progress but you better believe after 2 or 3 miles I am done. No marathon training for me. 

My times have gone a little like this. BC Day 1 - 9:28, BC Day 2 - 8:53, BC Day 3 - 8:45.

I've had an improvement every time. And yes I am bragging. Because I can, it's my blog :)

Next up... food! Duh, you knew it was coming...

 Look at all my home grown roma tomatoes :) I cut them up and stored them in the freezer. I'm thinking they will be used for a nice big pot of fall chili.

I made vegetarian baked wontons tonight in the toaster oven. So simple! I combined minced jalapeno, cole slaw mix, scallions, Worcestershire sauce, soy sauce, and sesame oil. It was delicious! I paired it with a spicy peanut sauce from cooking light. 

What is your favorite thing about fall?
I love the clothes, leaves changing colors, pumpkin picking, bonfire nights... so many reasons!


  1. i am thinking of buying a pair of colored jeans too!

  2. I really want red skinny cords. Why do I want them so bad?? Sigh.
    Let's plan another meet up/shopping trip ASAP :) Jess & Cara: Fall edition.

  3. I saw some purple ones in JC Penney the other day. I totally would have bought them, but they didn't have my size. I was super sad. Purple is my fav color. I get to experience cold weather for the first time ever in like 6 years, so I'm so excited about this fall/winter!

  4. @Katypurple is definitely my favorite color! I know H&M has a good variety and J. Crew :) I'll be on the look out!

  5. I LOVE skinny jeans with a great pair of boots or even flats! I'm not sure I could pull of the colors but a dark wash jean is perfect for me!

  6. I LOVE mustard yellow! I totally agree- it is so autumnal. I look really bad in it, but I would totally buy that coat!

  7. Skinny jeans are the best! Although I'm having a hard time parting with my shorts/ skirts right now. I love having "free" legs. Haha.

  8. Love the purple skinny jeans! Way too cute :)

  9. I'm in love with the color blocking trend this fall! I'll definitely be buying a couple pairs of brightly-hued skinny jeans as well. Purple is super chic and red screams "classy." (Which we are, of course!) ;-p

    Love ya, girlie! WHEN CAN WE GO ON A DATE?!