Friday, August 26, 2011

Rainy Day Fun

As hurricane Irene makes her way up the East Coast causing people to evacuate, cancel their plans (me included) and complain I say look at the bright side and get creative with your weekend itinerary! 

Rain and storms don't have to mean a boring weekend inside. I decided to put together a list of fun, romantic and storm-ready ideas to brighten your mood!

1. Have a home wine pairing party. Research which wines go best with certain foods and get cooking! You never know, maybe you'll find a new favorite bottle!

2. On your way to the store grab some new board games to try. You can invite friends over and have a game night. They bring the wine you supply the games!

3. Get crafty. Go to the hardware/craft store and stock up on fun DIY projects that you have been obsessing over on pinterest and put your extra down time to use! 

 grab some burlap, acrylic paint and stencils and make a rustic, chic decoration for any ledge.

pick up some chalkboard paint from your hardware store and get creative. paint some pots, fill with herbs for your kitchen and have fun decorating!

I loveee this lamp shade. I think it is the perfect touch of romantic, chic and modern. Click here for the how to.

Want something that takes your entire weekend? Try this chic rug makeover. It would make the perfect addition to any room. Instructions found here.

4. Have a fondue night. Most fondue sets use candles (mine doesn't) so that means even without electricity you can have a great and romantic meal.

5. Utilize those workout DVDs you have been collecting. Having someone to workout with is extra motivation to not pause the DVD and veg out :)

6. Start your fall clothes wish list. I am drooling over some of these.

This is the perfect outfit for running to the store or picking pumpkins/apples in the fall. Subtract that watch and add a MK oversized watch.

Perfect look for the office. Love the pop of color in the shoes and love that belt!

7. Remember to charge your laptop and save it for power outages. You can watch DVDs on them when the power is out. Have a movie theme night and stack up on movie snacks. 

pizza muffins anyone? recipe here.

Stay safe during the storm and remember just because your outdoor activities got ruined for the weekend doesn't mean you can't have fun or create something chic :)


  1. I'm definitely heading to Michaels tomorrow!!

  2. I love this post! Everything about it rocks. Where's the ruffle top from? I bet it looks killer with the jacket. And of course, my favs on your list are wine n' fondue. Yum!

  3. Those pizza muffins look insane! Love the wine pairing, great idea ;)

  4. These are all such fabulous ideas! I'm especially loving the whole game night/wine party!! :)

  5. Those muffins look yummy! :)

  6. @Stefanie I need to stock up on some wine, we have the games covered! I'm excited!

  7. Cara - stay safe! Irene seems to be a little out of control!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  8. These are great ideas!!! I love the wine pairing idea. Is that your own picture? That chalkboard mat is insanely cool!!

  9. You are so creative! I love all the DIY projects you featured. Be safe!

  10. I love the idea of the wine party and also lovee the first outfit, totally my style!