Friday, January 6, 2012

What's In My Gym Bag

What's in my gym bag?

I always get blog post ideas in the strangest places. Yesterday while showering after my workout, I was thinking to myself that I bet you guys would love to know what's in my gym bag. I'm actually really curious about what's in yours!

This is exactly what's in my gym bag at this second:

1. 2 pairs of headphones. I always keep a second pair in case I leave one in the car, if it accidentally is shoved into my coat pocket, or if my workout buddy forgets theirs! Okay, so the second pair might be circa 1995, but they still work! 

2. 2 Cappuccino Larabars. I keep at least 2 protein bars in my bag for "just in case" purposes. I love the new Cappuccino flavor and that is saying a lot for a non-coffee drinker! I have these bad boys just in case I don't have time to make breakfast for the gym, in case I'm feeling weak after a big workout, in case Chris is hungry after our workout... you get the hint. I like having a healthy snack in my bag to help me make smart decisions!

3. Socks. I stuffed 3 pairs of socks into my bag because some days I wear heals or flats to work without socks and I hate hate hate not wearing socks with my tennis shoes. I keep a few pairs for the times I forget!

4. Shower Necessities. I have travel sized face wash, shampoo, conditioner, a hair brush, head bands, hair ties, chapstick, deodorant, tampons (sorry for the tmi) and mascara. To be honest, all the gyms I go to supply body wash and a towel service so I don't keep those in my bag. More room for extra junk! Half of the time I have my makeup bag with me in case I went to the gym before meeting up with friends. I also keep dry shampoo in my bag for the days that I don't have time to wash my hair in the shower. A few sprays and I'm all set!

5. Workout Clothes. Sports bra, yoga capris, tank top, shirt, sweatshirt and my brooks running shoes are in my bag at all times. 

6. Foot/Shoe spray. I spray my shoes (both work and tennis) after/before I work out. I'm always nervous that they are going to stink up everything else in the bag if I don't spray them! Plus, Chris gave me about 3 bottles two years ago as stocking stuffers. I think he was hinting at something...

7. Notes. I usually write notes of workouts I want to do or have done. The other day I wrote out a treadmill interval and arm workout routine I wanted to do. Writing it down makes me more efficient with my gym time during lunch!

I'm pretty sure that's it! Sometimes I find random things in there like camera chargers, jewelry that I took off before a run, license or gym class schedules. I don't keep my iPod with me because I've been using my phone as a stopwatch for planks and Pandora radio while running!

Am I missing anything?!


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