Friday, November 15, 2013


I've officially been bitten with the Christmas bug and have the itch to start prepping our house for the holidays. Although that means that I have to rake about a million leaves in our yard, I'm excited to start seeing lots of gold and glitter around the house for Christmas!

Before I start switching things up with our mantel, I thought I'd snap a few photos of our mantel now.


I didn't do anything to fall-ify it except adding some pumpkins, a glitter L (pottery barn ornament for our tree) and made a "one year" banner that Chris and I used during our anniversary shoot.


 I'm not sure where I want to add this bulletin board I made over. I covered it with a natural linen and added nail heads - I love the layered look it creates with the mirror... so I may eventually add a few white photo frames and stick this in our office downstairs.


I actually DIY'd these candles for our Christmas mantel and it was super easy! All you need is cheap white taper candles, modge podge or glue and gold glitter. 

I wanted the glitter to fade at the bottom and top, so to create this look I put some glue on a napkin and rubbed it on the candles in varying heights. I didn't want a straight edge and this way the glitter looks dipped.

I love the way these look rather than your standard gold candles and the glitter will add some sparkle when they are lit!


  1. I adore the little groupings that flank your mantle...super cute! I need some of those ornaments STAT!

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