Friday, November 1, 2013


Happy November 1st! 

Hopefully you had a great Halloween and didn't get soaked with the rain that came through last night and aren't in a complete sugar coma.

This was our second year in our house for Halloween and we learned a few lessons from last year: 1. We bought way too much candy last year (8 big bags) and ended up with at least 2.5 bags left over which we were forced to eat ;-) 2. As fun as it is to have little ones knocking on our door to scream trick or treat, it's 100 times easier to set up some chairs and a table at the end of our driveway with neighbors and hang out (win win for us).

My mom built her house last year and I love how new neighborhoods get into the holiday spirit and are all about their community. It's one of the things I look forward to when we one-day build a new home. This year, everyone in her neighborhood BOO'd each other - so I decided to BOO two houses in our neighborhood! You gather goodies and drop them on the front door step with a note and sign for the house to hang, knock on the door and run. Since I assembled, I made Chris drop and run!

It was really cute to see the house with the BOO'd sign posted to their door.

This year Chance was a T-Rex ... we were really excited!

Chris never looked more attractive then last night. Hoping he ages better than this!

My mom gave me the cutest and EASIEST Halloween idea. She helped me save empty milk/apple cider/tea jugs to turn into "ghosts" to line our front entry. I made these in 5 minutes and they were super cute.

I found a side without a label (you can remove them if you actually plan ahead) and then I painted on faces! I found black paint worked way better than a black sharpie. Drop a few glow sticks inside and you have yourself easy and cute ghosts!

There's nothing like a good throw back costume - this was my favorite and I miss working with these ladies!

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