Monday, November 11, 2013


Saturday was such a special day for us to witness. Two of our closest and best friends were married. Chris was originally friends with Brittany in college, and the moment I met her, it was fate that we became best friends. I strongly believe people are brought into our lives for a reason, and I believe her and Chris were friends just so I could meet and become friends with her (totally true).

Brittany and Justin now have two sweet and perfect little girls, Jayden and Harper! These two have created and raised such smart, loving and precious human beings and for them to be a part of the wedding made the day that much more meaningful.

The stunning bride and her handsome groom.

Outside of the wedding venue were mums and handmade signs informing the guests of where to go and what they could expect!

We snuck a photo outside. The weather was PERFECT!

The wedding was held at The Tea Barn in Elkton, MD and the bride, her bridesmaids and mom DIY'd the entire thing! I wish I had more photos to show off the amazing transformation, but I definitely agree that when brides personalize and DIY their weddings, it's only that much more special and breath taking.

I love the alter, chandelier, strung lights, long tables and gold chivari chairs.

 The cake was gorgeous and even the cake stand carried the mint and gold theme! I especially love how there was a bird for each of the girls on the cake. So so sweet.

The cake wasn't the only dessert they had. An entire long table was filled with pies, cupcakes, cakes and rolls for the guests to enjoy. My favorite was the raspberry cupcakes!

They had pumpkins with each of the girl's initials in gold with photos on the guest book table... which was a wishing tree. 

The couple's new last name is Jones - so the drink sign was so clever and adorable!! It's hard to tell, but in those glasses are photos of the girls. 

Upstairs on the balcony, the couple had hay bales for sitting and corn hole for playing!

Sitting with my love just before the ceremony started! They had Britt's godfather officiate and he was amazing! He added the perfect touch of laughter and sincerity into the wedding. I also especially loved the vows and I always get choked up seeing the groom in tears of joy.

We got a little silly in the photo booth! Jayden was my partner in crime for most of these photos :-) I laugh every time I see the photo strip of Brittany holding the hoe sign pointed at Jayden!

I certainly will never forget this special day for an even more special couple. Wishing them a lifetime of laughter, love and memories as amazing as this day!

Sunday Chris and I met up with his dad and step mom and headed to Baltimore for the Ravens game. We had lunch and drinks at Nick's and caught a bus to the stadium! 

 I bought tickets for Chris' 26 birthday - which is a week from today!

The weather turned out for us and thankfully we won against the Bengals in OT. The last half hour of the game was a nail biter!

It was a packed weekend, but lots of new memories for the books.

Happy Veteran's Day!

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  1. This is the sweetest thing. I can't believe I'm just now reading it. So glad you guys were a part of our special day. Love, love, love you!