Monday, December 2, 2013


This advent calendar was super easy to make and only took about 30 minutes from start to finish. It's December 2nd - so you still have time to crank this out before it get's too late!

All you need is card stock or thick scrapbook paper (3 sheets is enough), circle hole punch (mine is 2 inch), craft/washi tape and a metallic sharpie.

After cutting out 25 circles, I drew the numbers on the front and wrote a fun activity for Chris and I to do together on the back. I made sure to keep the week night activities simple for us. Once everything was written, I laid the circles on my bulletin board making sure they were in a position I liked then taped them with some cute craft tape I bought at Michaels.

If you are searching for some ideas of activities (sans kids) here are a few I wrote:
Put up our Christmas tree
Make cookies
Deliver cookies to neighbors
Make an ornament for this year
Drive around the neighborhood to look at Christmas lights
Go ice skating!
See a Christmas musical (Elf or the Nutcracker are on my list!)
Put up our Christmas lights
Buy, wrap and deliver toys to a local church
Drink hot chocolate with lots of marshmellows
Light a fire and snuggle with wine
Make a spiked apple cider together
Visit 34th Street
Watch a Christmas movie

How cute are these reindeer that were selling at our local Christmas tree farm? They would be so cute on a front porch or next to your fire place!

Check out some photos I took of our friends here. I think I've found my passion of shooting people in love. There's nothing better!

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