Friday, December 20, 2013


Our basement has been undergoing a renovation for almost 8 months now. We started off fast and furious earlier this year, but then took a long break during the warmer months. It wasn't until a month ago that we started making progress on finishing this project!

We are wrapping up the trim and painting the walls this week, but it's crazy how far we have come! In the past month we have painted all of the walls with drywall primer, painted all of the trim and installed the floors!

Chris and I are still feeling out how we are envisioning the finished spaces, but I'm really enjoying taking our time with it. It will definitely be a space that gets used a lot now and especially when we have kids and I already know lots of football games will be watched down there and lots of work happening in the office! 

Framing out the spaces...

Now our office!

 The front room with the office back and to the right and behind the fish tank is the laundry room/storage.

We made under the stairs into a closet... which is also where our plumbing would be if we wanted to put in a half bath (we opted to not do that)

Lighting and the electrical was done...

Drywall started to go up! Behind the stairs you can see our back room if you look hard enough!

 All of the mudding had been done and mostly sanded...

And to help you picture the before and after, here are two photos of the same size (not exactly the same angle), but you get the idea!

We're excited to have more space and I'm pretty excited to be married to this cutie who has become so unbelievably handy!!


  1. It looks so good! I love when it all starts coming together how you envisioned it- it's the best part for me!

  2. So jealous of your basement! Ours is such a hot mess...I barely want to go down there to do my laundry haha. Looking good!! :)

  3. Eight months of renovation? It looks like a long time for basement renovation, huh? Hmm. Anyway, I'm sure you're looking forward to sharing the finished project. I hope you're enjoying your new house, Cara! Keep us updated about your renovations! Thanks! :)

    Calvin Mordarski @

  4. I can see that you've dealt with lots of wires, guys! However, it's nice to see that all those lightings are properly installed. I wonder if you're done with the basement renovation by now. Can I have a sneak peek of the final output? Thanks! :)

    Green Planet Electric