Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 GOALS

Another year is here! Most times I make this list and tend to forget it throughout the year, but I'm thinking of writing each goal on a card to hang in the house and take it down once the goal is complete... just a little reminder for me throughout the year. I'm keeping with the tradition of creating goals for the home, for myself and my marriage. Let's get started!


1. Slowly update all of the blinds in the house and hang the curtains in the guest bedrooms. I know this sounds simple, but I have had the curtains next to the windows on the floor for a year now!

2. Rip out the flooring on the first floor and install hardwood floor throughout.

3. Paint downstairs vanity and replace the mirror, lighting and toilet. Maybe add shelving and photos?

4. Get photos printed for living room frames (which have been up without photos for almost a year now) and hang frames in basement. Maybe a gallery wall down the stairs, a leaning photo ledge or a corner gallery wall? I am liking this, this and this.

5. Add wainscoting to the dining room. I would love to do this when we rip out the floors. I am loving this, this and this for inspiration.


1. Commit myself to going to two gym classes a week.

2. Continue to strive to be the best me possible. I'd like to send more hand written notes, bring family/friends coffee or flowers for no reason and find little ways to pay it forward. 

3. Visit my sister in Ohio! She is going into her 4th year of vet school at Ohio State and I am ashamed to say I've only visited her once. I plan on visiting her this spring for her white coat ceremony, but would love to do a sister weekend, too!

4. Host a family BBQ! 2014 will be the year that we actually do this. I also want to host Mother's Day at our house again because I had so much fun decorating and baking for it last year and I love the women in my life and am so thankful for them!

5. Start saving more. Now that we are settled in the house and we've made most of the big purchases I really want to get better about saving. I started a baby fund late last year, but I want to be able to start being more conscious about saving.

6. Focus on the important relationships in my life and spend less time focusing on the ones that don't bring the same things to the table. I want to remove the bad and bring in the good.

7. Practice, practice, practice my photography.


1. Take a class together. I'd love to sign up for a cocktail making class, cooking class or painting class with Chris. Somewhere we can learn something new and laugh while doing it.

2. Create that darn baby bucket list!

3. Travel, travel, travel. This is the year I really want to get out there and travel with Chris and our friends. New Orleans, Nashville, San Francisco, Chicago. These are four places I would love to explore in the next two years.

4. Do one thing new a month. Whether it be trying out a new restaurant, going to an outdoor yoga class in the harbor, hiking... whatever it is, I'd love to do it with Chris. 

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