Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Fajita Night

 Nobody said, it'd be easy they just promised it'd be Worth It.

It's over half way through the week! Woohoo! (Channeling Vicki from RHOC). I have been swamped at work and exhausted from the gym this week. I haven't even turned on the tv to watch BRAVO which is very rare for this time of night if you know me. How is everyone coming along with their March goals? I think I may have found the perfect sushi making class for us to take! It is combined with a pottery painting class so you learn how to roll and paint your own sushi dish afterward.

 I decided to start this morning with a positive affirmation. I wrote my post mega late last night, feeling stressed and that is NOT the energy I want to be passing out.

I can reach my goals and succeed.
I am strong and healthy.
I am intelligent and driven.

Feeling stressed? Here was my dad's advice to me last night: set goals for yourself but don't give them a certain date to be accomplished. Measure your goals by your level of achievements. If you set time limits on the things you want to accomplish in life you will end up stressing yourself out even more.

I used to always set deadlines for my goals. I wanted to get married by 25 (which I no longer hold my relationship to), have a kid by 30, buy a house sometime later this year (more of Chris' goal), make more money... the list goes on and on. But, he is right. Maybe the more you think about the end date, the more you will miss out on life and the experiences it has to offer. You can't always speed to the finish line. I mean, the tortoise did win the race.

Now onto food and fitness. It's Wednesday so that can only mean one thing... Cardio Kickboxing! Maybe my teacher will let me film turbo-time for you guys, or maybe one night I will be super bored and will make a vlog showing you exactly what we do in that one minute!  I think I am the only one in class who gets excited for the finale with screamers, lounges, squats and abs. Dinner was a big ball of fab-u-losity.

Cara's Fajitas:
1/4 cup low sodium soy sauce
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
roughly 1/4 cup olive/veg oil (i just drizzled the bottom of my dish)
1/2 jalapeno diced
1 teaspoon minced garlic
2 tablespoons lime juice
1 teaspoon cracked black pepper
1 teaspoon cumin
1 teaspoon chili powder
flank steak (our choice), chicken or shrimp
cilantro chopped

Combine all ingredients (sans protein) into plastic bag or baking dish. Add protein. Marinate up to 8 hours, I only marinated for 30 minutes. Cook at 400 degrees for 15 minutes. Meat will be cooked medium and nice and tender!


This was the perfect meal... Yes, I am tooting my own horn. {toot toot} Chris and I RARELY eat red meat, but he came home from the grocery store with flank steak the other night. The first two days I just stared at it like it was an alien invading my refrigerator. But then it came to me! FAJITAS! I had all the ingredients in my kitchen and it is ready in a snap!

Toppings Included:
Black Beans
Red Peppers
Chobani 0% Plain Greek Yogurt for dipping (Sour Cream taste-a-like)
Cilantro Rice

I cooked the peppers and onions in olive oil, a tablespoon of fajita seasoning (i keep it in stock) and a dash of cumin - which I am running out of since it has been my go-to spice!

I love wedding receptions if you couldn't tell by now.

Source, Source, Source

Holy Old Bay Batman! You probably would only see that at a Maryland wedding... you all know my obsession with OB. Don't have it in your area? I'll ship some to you!

If you, your dog, your boyfriend, your friends have Facebook please take 2 minutes out to vote for me and Chris to win a free photography session. We are so neck and neck with another couple and it makes me nervous! Here's what to do:

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  1. Love the back of that dress-so unique.
    I try to refrain from complaining about work and other stuff with W when I get home-it's tough though bc then you feel like you're screening your convos, ugh! Glad you have your dad to chat it up and vent to!

  2. wow the back of the dress is so interesting :) i love unique little touches like that in a wedding! Glad to see you were able to take some time for YOU and your dad :) that always is nice to have! xo

  3. I'm obsessed with wedding reception things too! Everything is so fun to look at! Fajitas are so good! Perfect way to use up that red meat!

  4. @Sophia @ Raven Waves
    definitely! i need more of my friends to get married so i can help planning and decorating!

  5. Yes, I'll sheepishly admit that was a four loko. followed by another four loko. followed by a 1 week hangover!!!!!! I have problems =)

    loooooove the ode to old bay! hehe

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  6. @Jennifer
    hahahaha i never knew those were bad for you, they were always our pregame drinks before the bar! they always make for an interesting night!!


  7. Haha, I love that you channeled Vicki from RHOC--that's my fave show!! Did the new season start yet??! I haven't had time to turn on the TV lately either!

  8. WOOHOO! I love Vicki - I haven't seen their episodes yet but I have them on the DVR. Have you watched Bethenny? I seriously can't get enough of her. I die watching!!
    I am sooo obsessed with old bay its sickening! I want to do that at my wedding :)

  9. Your fajita recipe looks AWESOME. I would never think to add soy sauce, but I bet it makes for great flavor. I'm going to try these!

    Love your dad's advice. It's just what I needed to hear this week. I feel like I often speed through the week, checking off items on my list, without taking enough time to slow down and enjoy the simple pleasures. I tend to want to plan out my future and end up setting overly ambitious goals. Sometimes I need to remind myself that my ultimate goal is to leave each DAY with purpose and joy. :-)

  10. Such an awesome blog. I used to hold stringent dates... well one is in effect.. I told my boyfriend he had to propose within 1 year. I am not sure I will hold him to that....

    I am a new follower!

  11. @Amber @ Betty Meets Jane
    Thank you!!! I am glad you are enjoying the posts!

    I think you have to do what is right for you. Good luck!

  12. Such a pretty DRESS!!! omg I love the sushi and pottery class though; I would totally dig that!

  13. then this is definitely a recipe for you! i love coming up with ideas to use the rest of my cilantro bunch!

  14. Haha Vickie is awesome! I love Tamra when she's not being so bitchy lol Love the fajitas! :D