Friday, March 4, 2011

Favorite Finally Friday

 "Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone should be."

It is finally Friday. The birds are chirping, the sun is out, people are poppin' bottles. haha Well, maybe not all of those things are happening {at least not at once}, but who doesn't love Fridays!? I am starting to love Thursdays if they are anything like my yesterday.

I got my awesome huge honka box from Emily and her team at Chobani to sample and review 12 of their flavors and I got my prize from Oats & Spice's Nutridel cookie giveaway!

So excited to try these all out! In my love box was 2% plain, mango, strawberry banana and pineapple. 0% black cherry, honey, raspberry, lemon, peach, blueberry, strawberry and plain. It was like a Greek Yogurt Christmas up in my kitchen!

Plus, the girl who is a crappy runner {me} ran intervals for 45 minutes and I actually really enjoyed it... probably because I said a prayer to the treadmill gods beforehand.

0-5 minutes: 3.6 mph
5-15 minutes: 6.0 mph
15-20 minutes: 3.8 mph at 7.5 incline
20-25 minutes: 5.8 mph
25-30 minutes: 3.8 mph at 7.5 incline
30-32.5 minutes: 5.8 mph
32.5-35 minutes: 3.8 mph at 7.5 incline
35-40 minutes: 5.8 mph
40-45 minutes: 3.4 mph

gettin' my love on with my number one man.
pre-workout. he is model material!

I know some of you are crazy good runners, but this is a personal accomplishment. Finding a routine that was challenging yet enjoyable at the same time without giving up. Total was about 3.25 miles. I finished my workout with bicep curls and abs.

I finally picked up some cilantro at the store near my work - Safeway has been slacking. I made some of my corn salsa, cilantro lime rice and faux chipotle chicken {i didn't follow the recipe i was lazy plus I think it is embedded in my brain}. Turned out delicious! Move over chipotle, a new girl is coming to town! haha yeah, right.

I hope you all love picture books, because I have a feeling that's what today's post is turning into. Breakfast was Chobani's 0% Black Cherry Greek Yogurt topped with galaxy granola. I'll let the pictures do the talking.

Too bad you can't really tell I had some leftover yogurt on my lips... and doesn't everyone eat their yogurt with a fork! Spoons are over-rated. Note to self: invest in sporks. Today's breakfast, lunch and snacks include: CBC yogurt, galaxy granola, strawberries, peaches and left over rice with salsa. Good thing my yogurt had 14grams of protein - i wasn't feeling like meat today. 

Tonight we are celebrating our friend Hoss' birthday! Let's hope I don't oversleep tomorrow and miss my hair appointment the second weekend in a row. Any takers on being my own personal alarm clock? I'll make you something yummy in return, or trade Chobani! 

PS. I want this swim suit. Like now. Thank you Kourtney Kardashian for designing my next purchase! This is why I work out 5-6 times a week. Beach bod, beach bod, beach bod.



  1. MMMmmmm, your food looks like my idea of heaven! Yum! Super cute swimsuit, I can't wait to go swimsuit shopping, though I still need to work on my beach bod! :) Haha!

  2. @Katy
    haha Oh my beach bod is a work in progress but it is slowly getting there! i love beach bunny bikinis!

  3. first of all, great job on the workout! you rocked it! anddd the chobani looks/is delicious. ANDDD I know the model in that bikini picture. Her sister went to college with me. haha forreallll.

  4. @Bess@Bess Be Fit
    Ummm tell her two things. 1 i want her body and 2 i want that bikini. you have the craziest amazing life bess!

  5. That swimsuit is super cute and I love Kourtney's style the best out of the Kardashian sisters!

  6. Your intervals sound great! I'm a "big runner" either, and I love the sound of that workout! Plus, 45 minutes is a long time! I really like the dark cherry chobani! I tried the peach one today, and it was delicious too! :) Have a great weekend!

  7. @Sophia @ Raven Waves
    It definitely made a difference in my stamina doing the intervals. Almost like in my kickboxing or spin class how they have high intensity and then a recovery song! Def try it if running isn't your strong suit!

    I hope you have a great weekend too! I can't wait to try all of the flavors, I almost packed peach in my bf's bag but took it out last minute...Selfish? haha

  8. I can't find any of the new flavors =( it drives me crazy! I just want to try the lemon and black cherry so bad it hurts!!!! ughhh

    you're one luck girl! <3

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  9. I'm workin' on my beach bod too ;)

    Jealous of your Chobani stash! I've seen these packages popping up on many blogs!

  10. I love that bathing suit - they just had a huge sale on those..did you see it?
    I had black cherry AND honey today... Obsessed much?

  11. Cute pics! Can you tweet while you eat? We'd love to see them over there. Enjoy your 'gurts!

  12. @Emily, Chobani
    I definitely will! I'll include some good Chobani and Me pics! ;-) Thanks again!

  13. So much Chobani, I'm so jealous!! And that bathing suit is so hot, I love it :D

  14. That sounds like a sweat interval work out--which is my favorite!! :) Love that swim suit!!

  15. that swimsuit is adorable I love buying new swimsuits !

  16. Black Cherry chobani has to be one of my favorites - mango is also awesome!!!

  17. @Faith @ lovelyascharged
    I haven't tried the mango yet! I was a little upset about the peach, I wanted more fruit!! But I have been loving eating them each day!

  18. great run! chobani rocks, enjoy the huge stash!

  19. Omg you and your pup are way too cute!! Interval workouts are my fave :) Totally jealous of your chobani stash! Have a great night girl! xoxo

  20. I keep reading about chobani. It makes me very, very curious! Your little dog is adorable.

  21. mmm loveeee chobani! i gota try the new flavors!

  22. hey Cara, i'm really enjoying your blog! agreed that intervals rock, my running has improved SO much since i started them. i don't think we have chobani in Australia so for now i'll just have to live vicariously through you. :P