Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach Update

We're at the beach hon'!!

Can't every Monday start at the beach? CL and I have decided to start up our own business at the beach... it's been nice knowing you Annapolis, byyyee! Just kiddin', but how awesome would it be to open up your own frozen yogurt shop at the beach?

My internal clock must not have gotten the memo that we are on vacation at the beach, but luckily that gave me the opportunity to get in some morning workouts... something I never do at home. bed>working out.

Yesterday was Ripped in 30 and today Pilates and abs. Getting my workout out of the way has definitely been a plus. Of course I needed a good way to start my morning so I created a vanilla protein frappe.

Vanilla Protein Frappe
1 cup coffee
1/3 cup vanilla protein powder
milk and creamer to taste
1 tablespoon organic sugar
handful of ice

Blend until you reach a frappe consistency and enjoy! So delicious, I had this the past two mornings.

I have already crossed a few things off of my "eat, see, do" list like...

Riding the Ferris Wheel

Eating vegetarian meals... seafood is okay right? Lots of ahi tuna, mahi mahi and veggie burgers.

Taking photos of each nights sunset... need to get better about running out to the bay on time, I never realized how fast the sun sets!

Drinking lots of sangria...

Bronzing. aka becoming an indian (just need braids and a few feather hair extensions)...

Hope everyone has a great Monday!! I'm off to pack up for the beach :-)


  1. aw, so jealous & you look fab in that little blue bikini!

  2. Yay for tans!! More sunset pics please :)

  3. awwww so happy you guys have been having a blast! Come move here and we'll stay on the beach 24-7! <3

  4. Opening a frozen yogurt shop on the beach (or anywhere!) has been a dream of mine since high school. I've always told my friends and family that if all else fails, they'll find me swirling fro yo. Gosh, we live so close, maybe we could open a shop together! ;)

    It sounds like you're having a FAB time! Keep soaking up that sun, eating lots of yummy fish and drinking sangria (my fave). Love ya, Cara!

  5. Wow your tan looks fantastic!!

    I like the ahi, and I like the mahi!

    Enjoy your beach time, beach babe.

  6. Jealous! That looks like so much fun! Especially the sangria! haha

  7. Opening up a yogurt shop on the beach would seriously be my dream, haha! Looks so beautiful there!