Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Another Wednesday = Another WIAW Post and linking up with Jenn at Peas and Crayons.

For those of you who are new readers, WIAW is a collection of bloggers posts about what they've been eating to give inspiration to other bloggers and readers.

For breakfast I had a few cinnamon graham crackers with my Pumpkin Cream Cheese Dip.

Recipe on my Facebook Page

For lunch I am meeting a girl friend at a cute place next door to my office, The Wine Market. I always get the tuna wrap!


And for dinner I am making my spinach and tofu stuffed shells. Firm tofu totally tastes like ricotta in this recipe! My mom and CL loved it and I bet your family would too without knowing!

Click here for my recipe.

What I am wearing today...
3/4 Sleeve Crop Jacket: Arden B a few years ago (i love jackets)
Dress: H&M
Brown Boots
MK Watch
Washer Bracelets (I made!)

Close up of the washer bracelets and my watch!

If you like the bracelets I'll have a DIY post this week (probably tomorrow) on how to make them!!! It's super easy and really cute stacked!

Now go check out all of the linked up posts for inspiration!


  1. So many good things all together! The wrap and the shells look great, and the jacket is too cute. I've been looking for a chic blazer - mine (except one) are all blah.

  2. Ok...You need to come to my house and be my personal stylist!! :-)
    And I love the idea of using silken tofu in place of ricotta!!

  3. What a great day of eats! I want those shells!

  4. Four things:

    1. Love those bracelets.

    2. Love tofu ricotta and your stuffed shell recipe.

    3. Love your blazer.

    4. Love you!

    Seriously, you need to write a book and fill it with all of of your creative crafty ideas! Happy Friday! xoxo

  5. Ahheeee, how did I forget to mention the pumpkin dip?! That's five things. I am definitely making it tomorrow!

  6. Pumpkin cream cheese dip?! Uh, yes, please!!!


  7. those bracelets are super cute! how crafty :)