Saturday, October 27, 2012

Preparing for Frankenstorm

Who else out there was preparing for the frankenstorm - better known as Hurricane Sandy today??? We had a few must do items on our prep list to accomplish today.

1. Bring in the patio furniture from the deck.

2. Clean out our gutters.

3. Take fall photos of the pups for our gallery wall.

4. Mow the lawn for the last time (hopefully this fall).

Luckily for me, hubs took over chore #2 while I tried to teach myself how to work through my new camera's settings.

Chance wasn't much of a help with the sweeping, lifting of heavy furniture or climbing on the roof... but he didn't mind being my model for the day.

And then this happened. These two NEVER stand still next to each other long enough for me to capture a photo so this day was a complete success and this photo will be framed!

I plan on mixing two more polar opposites into my evening - wine and teeth whitener strips. Not at the same time - but a girl has to prep for her big day with a pearly white smile.

I can't wait to share some of our wedding details with you! Not much longer now!


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