Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012 Wrap Up

Christmas has come and gone - {insert sad face}. It was our first Christmas in our home and I had so much fun decorating for the holidays. I actually de-Christmastized our house today, but wanted to share a quick wrap up for all of you!

Santa brought us a white Christmas! It started snowing on Christmas Eve after wondering all winter if it would ever truly feel like Christmas with the warmer weather we were getting in Maryland. It was extra special seeing our house with snow - there's nothing like your first year in your first home.

Trader Joe's has the best flowers at such reasonable prices! I picked up some gorgeous orange roses and eucalyptus for me and my mom. Who doesn't love getting surprise flowers? It was her first Christmas in her new house too - so I knew she would love to wake up on Christmas with these in her kitchen :-)

Santa said everyone was extra good in our house! I wanted to go with a gold and silver wrapping theme - but we had so many extra random rolls of wrapping paper in the basement, I thought it would be fun to see them all under the tree.

I picked up some new Christmas stockings this year and made that mirrored sun burst. Next year I am definitely whipping up a few more and hanging them from the mantel or bay window in the kitchen. It was definitely time consuming - but nothing a real housewives show and bottle of wine can't handle ;-)

Chance looking like the most adorable pup on Christmas morning.

Chris loves personalized ornaments. We always pick up an ornament when we are on vacation - so I knew he would appreciate having a wedding ornament. I found this gem at Target and loved that the year was etched on it! Perfect for a happy wedding photo to live :-)

I love looking out our kitchen window at the snowy woods. It's so pretty!


Lots of cookies were made in my new KitchenAid. My grandma was right, I definitely have been getting a lot of use with this! 

I loved searching Pinterest for unique ways to decorate for the holiday. I hung pine cones in our windows from twine and tied gold ribbons in the top.

One of my favorite Christmas gifts this year was my Young House Love autographed book from hubby. I really wanted to go to their book signing - but didn't want to go solo, so Chris surprised me with an autographed book of my own! Looks like it's going to be a DIY year for 2013 :-)

I made reindeer cork ornaments this year and they turned out so cute!

I hope everyone had a great holiday. I feel really blessed for all this year has brought and I'm looking forward to having a more "normal" routine this coming year now that buying a house and the wedding is over. I'm ready to get back to incorporating more "healthy" posts in this blog - including working out regularly and easing my way back into the pescatarian lifestyle. Have a great New Years Eve!


  1. I can't take my Christmas decorations down just yet!! I'm so attached :)

    I was hoping for a more low key year but with starting a new job, being in 3 weddings, throwing 3 bridal showers, attending 3 bachelorettes and looking for a new place, I think my life has other plans for me!