Thursday, December 6, 2012

Living Room Inspiration Board

You know when you have been trying to figure something out for months and all of a sudden the fog parts and you can finally see a clear vision? That magically just happened for me (well, mostly). I have been so unsure of our living room since we moved in - from repainting, to switching out lamps and pillows and still being stumped on how I wanted the room to look.

I've slowly been replacing the bright colored pillows with more subtle grays and creams. Adding in natural elements like our natural bamboo blinds and falling in love with our rustic media stand we recently purchased. Trying to find a coffee table and side table that weren't part of a set, but still worked well with each other for a more "collected" look. I think I am starting to get a grasp on this room! Phew. I was about to rip my hair out!

I'm thinking black frames - either set on the side tables or arranged above the couch would pop against the walls. And the great thing about keeping everything neutral is that it opens up the possibility of one day adding a navy accent wall (which we are already doing in our office, but I love the navy/greige combo.)

Help me with our side table and coffee table choices! I'm flip flopping between the combo of 1a and 2a or 1b and 2b.

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