Monday, July 8, 2013


This 4th of July we took advantage of the rain-free days and started refinishing our deck. We decided against the Rustoleum Restore because it felt really rough and was textured and we prefer a smooth surface for the deck. 

We ended up going crazy trying to pick a deck color at Home Depot and settled on Chocolate from Behr's line. We figured any color would be better than what it looked like after we power washed the deck... and we were right. 

We are just about done! We only have one more coat to put on the floor and a few touch up spots on the stairs.

We had a low key 4th watching fireworks from our back yard, grilling and eating crabs with my mom and friends. Next year I'd love to spend the day in Annapolis and plan my outfit ahead of time - I got jealous seeing all of the fun red, white and blue outfits on my Facebook and Instagram!

My gladiolus are starting to bloom :-)

Saturday we were sweating our butts off painting the deck when we decided to call it quits and take the pups to Chris' grandparents house to go swimming. 

Chance ended up being fearless and floated on this boogie board for a good 15 minutes after we made him swim a few laps. 

It was a great weekend spent with family, pool time and lots of sun! I finally don't look like I live at the North Pole anymore ;-)


  1. We are so behind on getting our deck in shape!! Rain is forecasted all week and I've been lacking motivation- I hope ours looks as good as yours though. We are using the restore one from home depot since we NEED resurfacing. Should've done a competition but you seem to have already won ;)

  2. Powerwashing it was certainly a great idea! It probably made painting the deck easier too, what with the paint seeping in faster without all the dirt in the way. Hopefully you applied some sealant afterwards to prevent wood deterioration and keep your deck looking great for a long time.