Tuesday, July 23, 2013


This past weekend we went to Linganore Winery's reggae wine fest. If you are local to the Maryland area and haven't been to Linganore or one of their festivals I highly recommend it. This might have been our fifth (?) festival of theirs. 

The reggae fest is by far my favorite - there is just something about a live reggae band, sweet wine and dancing in the summer heat that is so contagious. You are bound to have a great time. We packed a picnic blanket, cold water bottles, lawn chairs and lunch - but there are always food trucks and stands if you aren't in the mood to carry a cooler. Be sure to get there at least 45 minutes early to snag a spot in the shade - the place gets packed!

Fruit doubles as a snack and is great in wine

Lobsters were on sale at a local market for 6.99 a pound, so I snagged three to make lobster rolls for the wine fest! 

Hot and sweaty laying in our lawn chairs listening to the tunes.

Too cool off from the seat, the winery offers 20-30 minute tours in their 60 degree rooms, ending with a tasting of wine flavors that aren't available outside at the tasting tents.

I am a sucker for lobster rolls, but I have to say shrimp rolls are my favorite (I made those too) - nothing can top lobster rolls you find up North!

In case you don't have Instagram and missed my duck lip, dancing self... enjoy ;-)

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  1. $6.99 a pound!? So jealous!! Yes, nothing beats a lobster roll from New England.. Dreaming of Neptune Oyster in Boston. YUM!