Monday, July 1, 2013


Lately I have been living for the weekends and actually enjoying having less "big" projects around the house - although we still have to paint and put floors in the basement, but we're perfectly fine with waiting to complete that until cooler months come around. We've been enjoying the outdoors and packed weekends.  

We did finish updating the gallery wall! I picked up some additional frames and cluster mirrors from Target, mixed in different IKEA frames and used 3M strips to prevent the frames from crashing down every time we had friends over. I'm actually really loving the mix of white, gold and wood. 

I love when Chris' sisters come for the weekend. I always find cute photos like this on my phone after they are gone! I wish they lived with us because we always have so much fun together!

Sunday morning we woke up, took a 2 mile run and then walked the pups for a mile before coming back and making brunch. I was hating myself for eating so much bread and dip the night before on the run, but I'll never pass up bacon on a Sunday morning. 

I am so excited to see my roses blooming again - I mean all over blooms! They bloomed late this Spring and my grandmother says this is completely normal. The rose above is her favorite color and reminds me of her every time I see it!

I grabbed so many day lilies this Spring from my mom's without knowing what colors they were - it's been fun watching the different clusters bloom and guessing what color they will be. I love this yellow with the white stripes!

After brunch I took Chris' oldest sister for a bike ride to my mom's house - I've already put a beach cruiser on my Christmas list so we have more bikes for visitors. We live really close to my mom and a few stores so biking around is always a lot of fun - plus baskets on bikes are a must!

A new development is going to be developed starting next year in our area. Chris and I always talk about the future and eventually building a home that has all of our wants and allows us to customize things we now know we'd like in a home (hello, double vanity.) I took the girls on a ride to check out homes in a different area by the same developer and loved the house above. 

We were really sad for the girls to go home Sunday night, but I can't wait for their next visit! I want to go blueberry picking and I bet they would love that. 


  1. I bought those frames from ikea too... going to attempt this striped thing again - grrr

  2. The wall looks so good! Love the colors that you chose for the stripes.