Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bootylicious WINNER

 Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare.

Hi Guys! First and foremost thank you to everyone who participated in my first giveaway! Hopefully I can continue the trend and gather some of my favorite things to giveaway next! I'll be like the next Oprah... only younger, louder and without millions haha!

My giveaway winner is .... ALYSSA! from Fashion Fitness Foodie! I've known Alyssa for a long time now! Almost 6 years?? She definitely was a motivation and inspiration for me to start my own blog and if you haven't checked hers out, you definitely should! Congrats girl! I'll give you your granola this weekend on our running date!

Last night I participated in my first #fitblog chat on twitter! I had so much fun hearing other bloggers personal opinions about health and "diets". I definitely don't agree with the word diet. Diet to me means short lived. It takes a strong mindset and lifestyle change in order to truly make a difference in your health. It has taken me years not to be consumed with the number on my scale... and some days I still am.

I have learned that being healthy and fit is different for every individual. For me, it's how I feel in my own skin (and clothes). It's how good I feel after I work out, even if some days it takes me sitting in my workout clothes for 30 minutes before I drag myself to the gym. Get excited about healthy eating and learn what works for you. Not everyone should cut out carbs or fats (well I definitely agree with lowering your saturated and trans fats intake). Find recipes that are healthy and taste good - that way you aren't denying your mind what it really wants without denying your body of the good nutrients it needs.

There are so many resources out there. I love browsing the whole foods website for recipes. Go to your local bookstore and pick up a few cookbooks. Make Fishy Fridays or Meatless Mondays to help spice up your week! Don't be afraid to try new things. I used to hate avocados and now incorporate them into my diet at least once a week! And brussel sprouts roasted with olive oil and garlic are soooo good!

If google kept track of everything I have searched and I showed you guys you would think I am nuts! "Are lean pockets actually healthy?" "What do beets taste like?" "Is real bacon better for you than turkey bacon?" Knowledge is empowering and can help you truly make a decision to figure out what is best for you and your lifestyle.

Last night after fitblog I was starving for dinner. I only ran 2 miles since my shoes have officially given out on me. I made roasted cauliflower and a burger that sorta went like this...

Minus the bun - I used an arnolds thin and reduced fat cheese. And I may or may not have added a slice of bacon... :-) Moderation! Eating lean meat with lean bacon and toppings in my opinion doesn't hurt once a week. Plus it was the best tasting burger I have ever made!

Here are a few of my eats for the day - I finally am linking up to join WIAW for Jenn at Peas and Crayons!

Oatmeal with Berries for Breakfast
Apple Slices for a Mid-Morning Snack
One of these for lunch!
Carrot Sticks and Ranch for a Mid-Afternoon Snack
and I'm planning on re-creating this Salmon for dinner!
Hope you guys get out there and enjoy the 80 degree weather today! Hopefully cardio kickboxing with kick my butt tonight! Sophia at Raven Waves awarded me the bootylicious award! haha PERFECT!

Here are the rules:
1. Post this award with the picture and name whoever tagged you in it
2. Do the STUFF
3. Award to 7 others and tell them you did so!

1. Name 3 things that are lying right next to you –My cell phone which is prehistoric and doesn't even have a camera. No joke. Someone stole my iphone while I was boot shopping one day and I am waiting for the iphone5 to come out! Some Love Grown granola (Sweet Cranberry Pecan - yum) and two (yes 2) cups of water. Just in case I get lazy and don't feel like walking to the kitchen for a refill. I'm truly that smart ;-)

2. Name 2 foods you cannot live without -STRAWBERRIES! I am addicted to them like you guys are to chocolate. Thank god they were buy one get one free this week! Avocados - I just can't get enough guac! Does mexican food count? My fav!

3. Name 1 thing you did today – Packed my lunch, drove to work, and made some oatmeal. Yup, it's still early.

 You ladies are next! I could only think of 4 off the top of my head!

What are some foods you can't live without?


  1. Yay for winning! I just saw it might rain on friday! Not cool. We could go rock wall climbing for an hour or to the skating rink hehe. Thanks for the bootylicious award ;)

  2. That's so cool that you've known Alyssa that long! You guys are two of my faves!

  3. Foods I can't live without... hummus and chocolate!

  4. yum to salmon and apples :) my favs also...congrats on the award!!

  5. I did fitblog chat for the first time a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. I wasn't able to get on last night, but I like it when I can. It's such a fun way to learn more about other people! :)

    I hear ya on the strawberries... I love 'em too!

  6. OMGGGGG thank you so much for the award! I cant wait to fill it out! <3 Your WIAW is perfection! I'm so excited you linked up! <3

    Happy WIAW Cara!!!! mwah!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  7. I just read Alyssa's comment and I wish I could go to the rock climbing gym!! I love those so much!! Thanks for the great tips on where to find good recipes!

  8. Congrats to Alyssa for winning the giveaway! I love that girl's blog :D And what a yummy burger, after seeing you write about it last night in fitblog now I finally get to see it! And yes I agree everything in moderation.
    What can't I live without? Oatmeal and PB :D

  9. congrats on being bootylicious your oatmeal looks amazing and im glad your burger turned out good! Cant live without CHOCOLATE mmm!

  10. AHH im so happy to see my award creation on bloggys!! thank you for spreading the love! :D :D :D!!

  11. I really need to jump on the WIAW bandwagon - I haven't done it yet!

  12. Can't live without PB and sweet potatoes!