Thursday, April 7, 2011


It's almost Friday!! Lately I have been contemplating doing my first vlog. Don't you ever wonder how your favorite blog authors sound? So I am asking all of you if you think a vlog is a good idea, and if so what would you like to know/see??

I love nights where I make veggie burgers because the next day I get to have the leftovers for lunch. And speaking of today's eats - for breakfast I had a big glorious bowl of my peanut butter puffins with 1/2 skim 1/2 soy milk for breakfast. Why half and half? Welp, I haven't had soy milk in awhile and I wanted to make sure I still loved it. Plus my skim milk has less fat and the same amount of calories per serving but the soy milk has slightly less carbs. Does anyone know the benefits of soy milk over skim?

I haven't had cereal for a few months and this was just what I needed to turn me into an addict! When I was younger and my mom would buy the reese's cereal I would always eat around the chocolate ones (not a fan of chocolate) so this cereal is like a gift from God! Can you tell I was too tired to wash my hair this morning? Whoops!

I did a 2.6 mile run, 1 mile on the eliptical, seated dips and leg lifts at the gym tonight. I was trying to keep it light since I was a little sore from cardio kickboxing last night.

I was feeling like salmon kabobs for dinner and my george foreman helped me out :-)

Sorry for the horrible pics! If you can't tell I "grilled" some marinated salmon, mushrooms and pineapple and served along side brown rice and an edamame/pepper mixture. Super tasty and took a total of 10 minutes to cook! Not bad.

I am planning a ladies brunch for some of my girlfriends to come over and catch up on our busy lives! It is so hard getting a group of girls together at the same time now that we all have careers (still weird to say) and live in different areas. I can't wait to cook for all of them and serve up some cake balls. I'm thinking carrot cake sounds like a brunch dessert. Right?

Here is my wedding finds update for the day...

Living in Maryland (home of the crab and old bay seasoning) this gave me a great idea for wedding favors. I think when you personalize your favors to your own style and loves, it gives your guests something extra to remember your special day. I'm already thinking up my own "crab bag" favors for when the day comes!

do you think a vlog is a good idea? what questions would you want answered?
does the spring make you obsessed with weddings too? 
what are the benefits of soy milk compared to skim milk (from a non vegan approach)?



  1. I lovee edamame! AND i love this dish

  2. I would love to see a vlog! Some bloggers have been asking readers to submit questions, and then they answer them on a vlog. I might do that soon too!

  3. ahh please do a vlog girl :) i was nervous to do one but it really helps put a name, and voice together! xo


  5. omg yes do a vlog!! i lvoe them! ive done so many already- so much more personable!

  6. I LOVE Puffins! The wedding flavors are so adorable, I love doing favors that have to do with the locale or where the couple is from.

    A vlog sounds great!

  7. Apparently my boyfriend loves puffins too because i woke up this morning to find he DEMOLISHED the entire box!!! haha

  8. You must do a vlog! :D I've never tried Puffins before but I'm such a cereal junkie that I need to get my hands on a box.

  9. I LOVE that idea for wedding favors! seriously!

    I've been thinking about getting a foreman at some point and your definitely make it look worth an investment!

  10. I would love to help you plan the brunch :)
    Do a vlog! Show us your garden?
    Im so obsessed with old bay my wedding has to have that intertwined somehow!

  11. Just read your about sound so fun and upbeat! Love it! Happy Weekend!

  12. I love vlogs- it's so cool to hear someone's voice when you're used to reading their words!

  13. Carrot cake sounds like an AMAZING brunch food! And you should try making crepes stuffed with berries, bananas and whipped good!! I like drinking soy like 90% of the time, mainly because I think drinking a lot of cows milk is not all that healthy. (no other species drinks another species milk!) plus if you buy vanilla soymilk, its sweet and amazzzzingly yummy! hoped this helped!

  14. very cute favor ideas :) we actually decided not to do favors at our wedding because we're cheap.. but also we couldn't think of anything that people wouldn't just leave at the table. (But mostly because we're cheap.) These are very cute though.
    Have you tried almond milk yet? I like it way better than soy. The vanilla unsweetend is only 40 cal/serving.

  15. Yay! Do a vlog!! I think it's great to hear what bloggers sound like!

  16. PUFFINS ROCK! I love kabobs.. so delish!