Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Hump Day Lovin'

Happy Hump Day!! This warm weather was just what I needed to motivate me to get my butt back in the gym this week! About a month ago I signed up for two free yoga classes at a studio I once went to with Chris' mom. Monday's class was relaxing, but I definitely didn't feel any burn the day after and wanted to go straight to the gym afterwards. I have been craving a good sweat since I skipped out on the gym ALL LAST WEEK. Yup, I let it happen...and it could happen to you. haha

I finally went back to kickboxing class today after not going the past two weeks. Who am I? Cardio kickboxing is my favorite class and after today's workout I will never skip again! I left with a red face and a body dripping of sweat and it was just what I needed to kick my butt into gear! I headed across the street to the grocery store to stock up on healthy essentials while saving 28 dollars (just in time for the premiere of Extreme Couponing).

I am definitely thinking of renewing our Sam's Club membership because I have several kitchen essentials I buy every week that I could easily buy in bulk. Black beans, corn, salmon, onions, ground turkey breast, eggs, milk, greek yogurt, and tons of fruits and veggies. I need to get back on that bulk buying train!

I bought my first tofu/veggie italian sausages. I am excited/nervous to try them out. Has anyone ever had the light life sausages before? I read good reviews and figure I can always try them out in a frittata this weekend! I also stocked up on some soy milk and this box of goodness...

Peanut Butter lovers rejoice! I am excited to get back into a cereal routine! I also decided to make some black bean burgers for dinner tonight.

I love how this

With a little help of this

Can turn into this!

I am going to make a point to start incorporating more vegetarian meals into my weekly schedule. I could definitely live off of these burgers. You can find my recipe here. I also need to get my hands on a food processor so I can be like Alyssa at Fashion Fitness Foodie and make my own cinnamon raisin peanut butter!!

I made empanadas this weekend, but since I haven't been eating bread lately it was way too much for me and I never realized how hard they are to stuff! I give major props to anyone who makes these for a living. But they did photograph well...

One thing I am looking forward to this spring is the return of maxi dresses. Thank you Carrie Underwood... you show off this look flawlessly!

I'll leave you guys with some more wedding inspired photos I found at my new obsession Seriously, this weather has me going crazy over wedding blogs!



  1. loooove the wedding photos (clearly)
    get the food processor from bed bath and beyond! you can use a 20% off coupon on the small one which is only like 40 or 50 dollars. You'll thank yourself FOREVER.

  2. aww love it Cara! Serioulsy what a great post and AHH! I LOVE food processor! I so agree you'll cherish it forever girl! that maxi dress is soo cute! i wish i was tall enough to pull something like that off ;) xo

  3. It is sad that I've been a vegetarian for a year and have never made my own veggie burger! Worse yet, I think I can count on my hands the number of veggie burgers Ive had in that time period! I think I have a lot of lost time to make up for!

  4. What?! You definitely need to give it a try! They take about 5 minutes to prep MAX and I just put these on a cookie sheet and baked them in the oven at 350 until they were firm. Really simple!

  5. Those wedding photos are absolutely gorgeous. I'm planning my wedding now, but my feelings aren't resembling those pretty photos at all! I actually hate wedding planning if you can believe it! I love looking at all the pretty things, but I don't like making a thousand and one decisions. I wish wedding planners were free! :)

    Your black bean burgers look so yummy! Black bean/veggies burgers are on my to-make list this week!

  6. these pictures make me so happy! they are beautiful. oh and shout out to the puffins...i love those too haha

  7. I love Carrie Underwood in that dress - she looks amazing!

  8. Love all the gorgeous wedding pictures!! I need to find myself a box of those Puffins, I can't find them anywhere! Those burgers look delicious btw :D

  9. I need to make your black bean burgers... yum

  10. @JennyNext time I go to the grocery store I'll grab another box and have a mini giveaway possibly!!

  11. @NicholeYou definitely should! They are so good and so easy and my boyfriend loves them! The recipe can easily make 4 burgers and you can pack them for lunch the next day!

  12. I saw the peanut butter chocolate Puffins yesterday- I can't believe I didn't buy them!

    I buy in bulk a lot, even though a lot of what I buy is intended just for me. It's pretty amazing how quickly I go through produce, especially fruit!