Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter Weekend Recap

Tuesday already? I'll take it considering me and CL are headed to the beach Friday evening for the weekend. It's the last weekend in OC before the dogs are officially no longer allowed on the beach for the summer season.

Chance loves getting his tan on. Can you tell?

What a cutie. I might be biased, but I love love love my lil gremlin!
Friday night my sister came over to help me dye Easter eggs and make some treats to bring to my Grandma's on Sunday. We made chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate cake pops. The best desserts are the ones with the ingredients I don't enjoy... that way I can just take pleasure in seeing other people eat them!

Whoever thought of putting brown dye in an Easter egg kit is bonkers. What happened to primary colors people? 

Chocolate Cake Balls with Toasted Coconut:
1 bag unsweetened/sweetened coconut flakes
1 box cake mix 
1 can whipped chocolate frosting
1 pound almond bark
lollipop sticks

Spread the coconut flakes on a baking sheet (ungreased) and cook at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, tossing every five until they are a golden hue. Separate your dipping choices. (i chose sprinkles and toasted coconut, nuts would be good too).

Cook your cake according to the box directions. While still warm crumble in a mixing bowl.

Add  entire can of frosting to warm cake and mix well until all is covered. At this point I suggest rolling your balls (hehe) and chilling for an hour in the freezer/fridge (this way they are easier to roll, I learned the hard way). Melt your chocolate - I suggest in a glass bowl over boiling water (again, I learned the hard way and microwaved mine and it got hard faster!). Roll balls in chocolate and dip in your toppings! Stick a lollipop stick in them while hard and cool on wax paper in the fridge. Serve cold!

What to do with the left over chocolate??? Make chocolate covered strawberries!!

It's a Polish tradition to eat White Borscht on Easter. It is a horseradish soup with homemade stuffed kielbasa (made by my mom and uncle) which is smoked (by my cousin) and/or boiled, hard boiled eggs, pumpernickel bread and ham. I think the older you get the more you appreciate the traditions your family celebrates. I hope to pass this on to my kids one day! 

I come from a family who definitely knows their way around a kitchen! My uncle brews his own beer and my cousin Ryan made his own wine last year we finally got to try! Sooo good!

There were plenty of desserts!

CL worked on Easter, which was nice in a way because I got to spend the entire day with my family instead of running back and forth between our families!

Thank god I finally got new running shoes! I got fitted and treadmill tested for a pair of Brooks Adrenaline GTS 11's! I love love love them! It really does make a difference when you have the right pair of shoes!

Hope everyone had a great Easter!!


  1. your easter treats look amazing!!!!! wish I was at your celebration ;) haha

  2. Your toasted coconut cake pop look amazing. I'm definitely going to try these. I love anything with coconut.
    Also I'm not sure if you saw, but you won my Pop Corner chips giveaway. Email me your address 1521kristi@gmail.com.

  3. I love love love cake pops. I need to experiment with more toppings and eventually try my hand at decorating. So far my favorite is dark choc cake and frosting with mint choc coating.

  4. The cake pops look so yummy, and your pup looks adorable!! I didn't know you were Polish! My bf is too! :)

  5. @KatyOoohh that sounds like a good combo! I want to try strawberry cake with vanilla frosting and white chocolate! I bet that would be super good too!

  6. @Sophia @ Raven WavesReally?! Does his family also do the traditional Polish Easter meal? It's the only holiday we eat this!

  7. Aww Chance is adorable, love how he's soaking up all the rays. I gotta say you got some major egg painting skills, I'm very impressed ;)
    Mmm Chocolate egg balls on a stick, how clever! Glad you had a great Easter :D

  8. Your puppy is soooooo freakin' cute. I just want to give him a little squeeze!

  9. I loooove me some cake pops. Hm, can you bring one of those to our run on Friday? Haha ;)
    What kind of chocolate did you use? i always put mine in the microwave and never have a problem!

  10. your pup is so presh and those cake balls omggg look to die for amazing glad you had a great easter!