Sunday, May 1, 2011

Good Morning!!

Just wanted to give you an update of our amazing weekend so far. It's still early on Sunday morning so I am awake looking for places to eat brunch outside.

Today is supposed to be the best day weather wise of the weekend so I am excited! 

So far we have enjoyed a home cooked dinner of steak and asparagus with a bottle of my cousin's homemade wine (so good).

Woke up and took the dogs to the OC Humane Society's Board Walkin' for Pets. They are a no-kill animal shelter and it breaks my heart not all pets have a loving home like Chance and Maggie. 

Had a light lunch of fruit and guacamole with chips.
Walked/Ran with the dogs to the beach.

Then we came back, napped and met up with Chris' Grandparents, Aunt and Uncle for a night out!

Here are a few things I learned while reading my Self magazine by the dock and thought you guys might enjoy!

- Get the benefits of kombucha by rubbing it on our skin. The tea boasts antiagers to even out skin and hydrate dry areas.
-You can help out rescue-dog organizations by ordering your wine from

Hope you guys are having a great weekend and look online for your local humane society, or animal shelter. In college I used to go and take the dogs for walks. All animals deserve love!


  1. Beautiful pictures! You are very lucky! :) Such cute pups!!

  2. Glad you are having so much fun...BUT i wish you would've been home to go to Veg Fest with me. I'm selfish :)

  3. what a beautiful shoot. enjoy the beach.

  4. Enjoy the nice weather! Chicago's been pretty beautiful this weekend too!

  5. What a nice vacation!! Have a blast :D

  6. wow your pictures are absolutely gorgeous!!! looks like such a nice relaxing time!

  7. What a view!! Hope you're having a great time!

  8. That's such a beautiful view! Have a great time :)

  9. Love that shot of you two on the beach!

    I volunteered at a no-kill shelter for a year and I loved it (had to stop because I switched jobs and didn't have time to go anymore). We adopted our Oreo from that shelter. :)