Saturday, May 14, 2011

Weekend To-Do List!

Hello Rainy Weekend! I won't let you get me down!

Actually, I am a little thankful for the rain because it has convinced the spinach seeds I planted on Tuesday to sprout out of the ground this morning! This calls for a celebration so of course I am headed to Home Depot today to see what other kinds of messes I can get myself into!

Thursday I went running with my girl Stacey at the B&A trail and she must have thought we had a 5k scheduled for next weekend {warrior dash} because she whipped my booty! The thing I love best about running with her is we both motivate one another to go the extra mile, we let each other run at their own pace {running with CL I've improved my mile time} and we have a blast getting together and talking {huffing and puffing} that I don't have to update my iPod as often.

If you want to semi-die this weekend you can copy-cat our routine below!

1 mile brisk walk to warm up {how far the trail is from the parking lot}
.5 mile run
.5 mile run
4 sets of 25 sit ups (regular, left side, right side, lower abs)
.5 mile run
3 sets of 10 push ups
Repeat steps 2-6
Brisk walk back while stretching to cool off

So all in all it is about 6 miles walk/run/toning. Not bad for a Thursday after work workout sesh.

Afterwards I had to try out the TheraPearl products Terri sent me to review on my blog! I was sore, and dirty from the sit ups and push ups {the grocery store check out lady even asked me if I fell on the way in}.

If you have never heard of TheraPearl before it is amazing and I highly suggest it to all athletes out there because it really helped my sore leg muscles after running. Don't run? Spas nationwide carry this product too! Want to hear some cool facts?

1. It's doctor-designed (she actually practices out of Columbia, MD and just designed the product for her own practice before it went to retail)
2. Their "Pearl Technology" is based on the concept of frozen peas... so they mold wayyyy better than a gel pack and aren't messy like a bag of actual ice
3. They can be microwaved or frozen {I microwaved mine}
4. Non-toxic, re-usable

See the steam inside of the bag? Felt so good!! I definitely recommend and it stayed warm for an hour after only microwaving it for 40 seconds. I hate when ice packs loose their temps quickly! I wanna relax!

Check back Monday because I may or may not be giving away some free products!! {hint, i totally am} I asked my boss to give a sports pack to her Husband to review over the weekend to get a guys perspective!

CL has been getting pretty serious about his workouts and eating habits again since it's "beach season" so last night instead of our usual burrito bowl we settled on a salad from chipotle. No carbs late at night I am told! That's okay with me as long as I can eat this every single night. ;-)

Yup, that's CLs body building mag and my weights for when I do ToneItUp or Jillian Michaels. Next weekend is going to be crazy! Wine festival, sister's graduation, CL's grandmother's 60th birthday night out, warrior dash and couples massages to end it on a high note.

So this weekend I am preparing! Today I have to...
1. Get a dress for the 60th birthday bash and wine festival, as well as a birthday present
2. Work out
3. Stop by home-depot {I'm obsessed with growing veggies I think!}
4. Grocery Shopping
5. Clean the house
6. Get ready for a night out with college friends!

What are your plans for the weekend??


  1. U have a fun and busy weekend!! Your Guac yum bowl looks amazing!!!!

    Yes Chi's rock, I love my GHD though! I used to have a chi, and then got a GHD!

    xoxo <3

  2. That sounds like a butt-kicker workout, I must try it. Also feel free to send those heat/cool packs my way when you're sick of them ;) have a great weekend! xoxo

  3. @Jessica @ Stylish Stealthy and Healthylol I am giving away them this weekend! Well most ;-)

  4. You have a fun and busy day ahead of you! I have a question - CL's grandmother is turning 60?? What a spring chicken! My grandma is DAD is 60!

    Have fun! Good luck finding a pretty dress! :)

  5. I had a little me time Friday night, and a little family time Saturday during the day. Now me and Justine are just chilling in the house. The perfect way to end a busy day.

  6. Wow girl you are having one busy weekend!! O0o0 that college night out with friends is gonna be a super blast. That Chipotle salad looks amazing!! I literally have a Chipotle 5 minutes from my house and I've never been, criminal I know :(
    Have a wonderful weekend gorgeous!

  7. I have those weights! :) I use them with Jillian, also! :)

  8. We NEED to run together :)

  9. These look like they get the job done! Love the food reference to peas :) I once put a frozen perogi on a black eye (not my own...)

  10. Rainy weekend it is and rainy week ahead. I will be back tomorrow to check out this giveaway!I got one going on now too!

  11. gahhh its been raining here like crazy too boo. Your chipotle looks amazing I havent had a burrito bowl in forever!! I think I need some asap.

  12. Talk about an intense workout! You go girl! :) I love running with friends too. It makes me want to do better! Hope you had a great weekend and that you checked off everything on that to-do list!