Thursday, May 19, 2011

Picnic Menu

hello lovers!

In all honesty, this week has not been going very fast at all, but i can't believe tomorrow is friday! I have been waiting for this weekend for months! why??

It is one of the busiest weekends of the spring/summer season for me - packed with fun and exciting things!

My little sister graduates from University of Maryland tomorrow! I can't explain how amazing she is ... she is graduating with honors from UMD in three years and is on to Ohio State Vet School later this summer.

When you are little you wish and hope and pray to the moon and back that you were born an only child.

I couldn't imagine my life without her though. Living an hour away we only see each other once or twice a month, but her moving away is going to be hard!

She was the first person I called crying to when Princeton passed away. We are so different, but I couldn't ask for a better sissy ... even when she is grumpy!

Us on my graduation day from college last year!

okay, okay... enough sappiness. you want picnic menu ideas!

This Saturday we are heading over to Wine in the Woods, a huge wine festival that I have been wanting to go to for years - but college and working stopped me. {Not this year!}

For five hours I will be picnicking with friends, sipping on 385374 different types of wines, laying out on a blanket soaking up the sun {it's been raining all week} and listening to live music.

perfect day. but what should i bring?

I have been searching and thinking of healthy things I could pack for lunch. We are headed out to Kent Island Saturday night for dinner and dancing and have an "adventure" 5k on Sunday so I don't want to be uncomfortable at all. I want something light, filling and delicious!

Here is what I am thinking along with the links to the recipes:

Lemon Orzo Salad with Asparagus, Spinach and Feta
Pulled Pork Sandwiches {not so light, but a summer staple}
Cranberry, Almond Chicken Salad with Greek Yogurt instead of Mayo
Fruit Salad
Mint Lemonade
Strawberry Swirl Cheesecake {low fat}

What I love to wear to outdoor picnics:

I love maxi dresses for spring outdoor events. It takes less time putting together an outfit that might look cute, but isn't designed for sitting in the grass all day. Maxi dresses are flattering on everyone and thankfully they are still in style this Spring!

Of course a spring floral dress with a brown belt would work perfectly fine too!

have any good picnic menu ideas? send them my way!!

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  1. brie cheese to go with the fruit!! one of my favorites!

  2. You'll have to send me a pic of the dresses you choose! Sounds lovely, have a great time!

  3. Aww congrats to your sis! You two are both gorgeous and look a lot alike. Have fun on your picnic!

  4. Congrats to your sister! I'm so jealous! I'm an only child and I always WISHED for a sibling!

    I'd say bring anything that won't go bad if it sits out for too long! obviously that doesn't help much but I don't go out for picnics much

  5. im so proud of your sister! you guys have fun and the picnic sounds wonderful. enjoy!

  6. congrats to your sister! such a great accomplishment & it's so great that you guys are so close! i'm also super jealous of your weekend plans - i'll be studying & moving - boo!
    i like the looks of your picnic menu - i'm always a big fan of watermelon (one for me, one for everyone else) at picnics!

  7. Congrats to your sis!!

    Picnic menu sounds perfect! I love the maxi dress...but they are always so long on me, booo for being short.

  8. Congrats to your sister, I remember what an emotional day it was for me when I graduated. And those summer dresses are adorable!!! I love the second to last floral dress, way cute. Can't wait to see pics from the picnic. Gina's strawberry cheesecake looks delish, my bf's sister made it before and she loved it!

  9. The picnic looks like so much fun! I tend to bring an antipasto platter with me so I can munch on all types of stuff, and it goes great with wine! Congrats to your sister!

  10. I go to Ohio State and I know a few people in the vet program that seem to really like it. Congrats to your sister and I hope she loves Columbus as much as I do!

  11. congrats to your sissy!!!

    i already annoyed you with ideas for the picnic via twitter so i wont bother ya again ;)

  12. You and your sis look amazing! Umm so I have 3 weddings to go to this summer. Care to dress me? haha

  13. Congrats to your sister! I agree, sisters are the best- although I often want to strangle mine, I still love her :)

  14. I love picnics I need to plan one asap!! Congrats to your sister!!

  15. WOW! Everything sounds so perfect, and amazingly adorable dresses!! And your sister sounds lovely!

  16. I absolutely love those 2 floral dresses! Congrats to your sister!!! :)

  17. Congrats to your sister! I loved this tribute to her...You both are beautiful ladies!

    Your picnic menu sounds delicious! The strawberry swirl cheesecake is calling my name!

    You already know I'm obsessed with floral dresses right now...I actually bought four today! (Clearly, I have a problem). I especially love the short, multi-colored dress (with the brown belt). Where did you find it?

    Hope you have a fabbulous weekend, Cara! xoxo

  18. CONGRATS to your sister! How sweet what you wrote! U are beautiful girls!!!!

    I am in love with those floral dresses! I want to go on a pretty picnic now!

    Happy Weekend love!!

  19. Love the picnic pics! New follower :)

  20. love the picnic menu! that orzo salad sounds fantastic! (and we almost ALWAYS have a cherry topped cheesecake on picnicks too!) LOVE the maxi dress look, you really can't go wrong!