Monday, May 16, 2011

How Does Your Garden Grow Tuesdays

This could quite possibly be my favorite day of the week! Last week I started my weekly "How Does Your Garden Grow Tuesdays". If you have a garden or are growing your own veggies/fruits/herbs be sure to link up a new or old post to share!

I've said it before, but growing your own doesn't mean you need lots of land. You could live in an apartment and still grow healthy food as long as you have a window or patio! Every week I will try to give my advice on things I have wondered myself about growing plants! You'll see what's in my garden from start to in my belly!

Look who made their first appearance in my garden! My spinach! 
I was sooo excited, especially since it has only been a week and this is the first plant I have actually grown starting from a seed!

 hello, you are going to be so delicious with some strawberries and pecans one day. it is meant to be <3

 thank you rainy weekend for making sure they popped up! all three rows!

I also ran to Home Depot last weekend and bought two more strawberry plants and another cantaloupe plant. I couldn't resist! I have had 3 strawberries so far from my first pot!

How do I pick my strawberries? Where should I break the stem? Should I wash them before I store them in the fridge?
  • I read you should grasp the stem just above the berry between the forefinger and the thumbnail and pull with a slight twisting motion.
  • Don't wash your strawberries until right before eating, or they are more likely to spoil.
  • Strawberries do not continue to ripen after picking, so make sure they are really ready before you pick!
After how many days will I be able to harvest my spinach?
  • After 40-50 days you can pick your spinach!
  • Make sure to start picking leaves on the outside of the plant. Leaving the inner leaves to continue to grow and produce new spinach!
  •  It is best to eat the spinach the same day after picking. Soak in cold water. If you want to store, only keep it in there for 3-4 days. The longer you leave it, the more nutrients are lost.
Want to grow spinach but live in an apartment? You're in luck!
  • One of the best things about spinach is that it doesn’t have to grow fruit so it doesn’t need a large container to live in. It loves the cool weather and will appreciate not being out in the hot summer days!
It's your turn! Show everyone what is growing in your garden and link up! I'd love to see what you planted this season! 

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  1. That strawberry bud is SO awesome! And thanks for the spinach info...I could have never imagined it's that easy to grow!

  2. wow i had no clue growing a garden could be so easy. thanks for sharing!

  3. Ah your strawberries grew fast!! We picked some yesterday at the u-pick farm in davidsonville....they were SO cheap!!

  4. The strawberries are looking good! Can't wait to see all the spinach too! Yum!

  5. The strawberries are so pretty. Fun watching them grow!

  6. It is soo easy! The strawberries are my favorite because they have been producing the fruit so fast!!

  7. ahh I love your little garden.. I planted spinach in a pot but nothing has grown yet :( I need to get a strawberry plant asap.. love the tips too I need all the help I can get!

  8. Um I loooove the spinach tips! I didn't know that they like the cooler weather and can go in pots! <3 Def on my to-do list now =) yay! <3

    Happy Tuesday love!

  9. @katei watered my spinach plants every night except over the weekend since we had tons of rain. i also think if you mix some organic soil into the pot/ground it will help them sprout up!

  10. Spinach and strawberries?! I love your garden :D It's adorable

  11. Thank you for the helpful garden knowledge!!! I linked my garden post from last week because I won't be able to publish my updated one until later tonight :( boooo...... long days at work.

  12. @Nicholethat's perfect! old or new works!!

  13. I want to grow spinach but Im so worried I wwont be able to get all the dirt off and will end up with dirt in m smoothies or meals. Thats a big no no for me! How do you make sure all the dirt if off before you eat it?

  14. ah i love your little garden that's awesome! I love the tips!

  15. That's so awesome about your spinach! How exciting! :)

  16. You wanted to know if it's horrible that you've never tried kale before. Well, is it horrible that I have killed every single plant I've ever touched? (that includes a cactus and bamboo).

  17. I want to grow a straberry and spinach salad too! Thanks for letting us know about the spinach...I'm giddy that I can love and nurture a mini garden in my apartment. :-)

    Okay girl, WHEN are we going to get together?! Maybe next week?! <3