Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bye Bye Sweets and Facebook

Is anyone else addicted to the Bachelor? I was almost surprised how quickly I gave up my usual Monday Real Housewives of Beverly Hills watching. But, they are both equally drama-filled so it was an easy trade.

I was sad to see Leslie go this week, but I think it's safe to say everyone was happy to see Tierra gone! Next week's episode looks equally drama-filled with the hometown dates. CAN'T WAIT!

For lent I've decided to give up sweets/snacks and Facebook. My intake of desserts and snacks has been out of control lately and I need to get rid of this sweet tooth! I'm not going to make excuses - I'm just hoping that the 40 days of healthy snacks and no sweets will help form my a clean eating habit that sticks.

Also, I've deleted my Facebook app on my phone and am giving it up for 40 days. I mostly check it in the mornings as a way to stay in bed for an additional 15 minutes, but maybe now I'll spend that time taking the pups for a walk or actually making it to the gym? Maybe?

So if your wondering what I'm up to, check back for updates on the blog! Hopefully that will help me post more often!


  1. I gave up Facebook too... But sweets? Aint gonna happen haha. I've tried that 4 other times and it was disastrous.

    1. My mom made us cookies on Monday and last night had cheesecake - not to mention she sneaks surprised like mini snicker bars into my jacket pocket LOL Safe to say I have to put an end to that!!

  2. I seriously considered giving up sweets, but I don't think I'd last haha. I decided to give up soda instead. I've gotten into a bad habit of craving ginger ale with my dinner, and it's an easy way to add calories throughout the day...NO GOOD!! So hopefully this will get me back to my water drinking ways. I need to kick the habit!

    And I've never gotten into the Bachelor, but I definitely watch RHOBH! ;)

    1. I'm still allowing myself to have sugar in my coffee and of course to breakfast items like grapefruit with brown sugar (breakfast isn't counted as dessert right?).

      Good luck with the soda! Juice is a hard thing to stay away from, but we try not to buy it when we are grocery shopping. I could down some AJ!