Friday, February 15, 2013


It's crazy to think this is the 6th Valentine's Day I've shared with Chris! 

I made this coffee mug for Chris on our 2nd Valentine's Day - so filling it with coffee was a must.

Valentine's Day started out waking up to a snowy neighborhood, which was perfect for the breakfast I had in mind. I made Chris and I a broiled grapefruit half with brown sugar and cinnamon (I'll share the steps to make this tomorrow - so simple!)

Then, I got a surprise call from our front desk asking for me to come get a package. I was actually shocked because I thought we were playing it cool this year with all of the house renovations going on. I've been asking Chris to get me an orchid every time he went to Home Depot, so seeing this put a huge smile on my face!

I've also been asking if he wanted me to make dinner for Valentine's Day... and again he kept me in suspense. Luckily my orchid also came with a love note telling me to meet him in Baltimore for dinner. He still gives me butterflies!

Dinner at Gordon Biersch was just alright, but the company made up for it ;-) I ordered the miso mahi (which was over cooked) and Chris ordered the steak frites (the sauce was meh) - so we probably would only head back for beer/apps with friends.

I also picked up some of these gorgeous ranunculus flowers for my mom. They are one of my favorites!

Now I'm just dreaming of the three-day weekend ahead of me! We're going to pick up some new kitchen appliances - yeah, we're living on the edge! 


  1. Looks like you guys had a nice day together! Sorry the meal was bleh...but at least you were in good company! ;) And YAYYY for new appliances!! Woot woot!

  2. Handsome man - check
    Flowers - check
    dinner reservations - check
    picking up appliances - every bit as awesome!

    Thanks for joining in on the fun.


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