Thursday, February 21, 2013


Last weekend we took advantage of the holiday sales and tax free energy efficient appliance break and bought all new appliances for the kitchen. We headed over to HHGregg on Saturday afternoon and decided on the Whirlpool Gold stainless appliances. We were in luck! They had all the appliances in stock and we planned a next-day delivery. We headed home to clear out the existing appliances.

As you can see - our appliances were original to the house and it was definitely time to replace the almond, out-dated look. Notice I haven't painted the baseboards of our cabinets - I knew we had a lot of updates going on and decided to save those for last.

We've also been living unknowingly with tiny appliances like this microwave I bought when I was 18 and moved into my first apartment. The clear and number 4 haven't worked in years! I was oblivious to the actual size a microwave should be - considering I thought the microwave was the dishwasher when they delivered the appliances.

Our refrigerator didn't even fill the space of it's home! Our new one is so large we had to remove the trim to get it in (to give you an idea of the average fridge size now).

Since we only had a hood above our range, we had to remove the cabinet above the stove, replace it with a 30x12 inch cabinet and install an outlet. My hubba hubba hubby worked all day Monday removing the cabinet and installing the new appliances (minus the microwave) all without complaining!

Since Chris and I work opposite schedules 2 nights a week my kitchen has been one big mess since the weekend. We finally are installing the cabinet and microwave tonight and I'm excited to get everything in it's place! Just in time for our granite to come in on Monday ;-)

The kitchen is coming together and I can't wait to show off the new appliances once things are cleaned up and repainted this weekend.


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