Thursday, November 15, 2012

Hunting for a Buffet

We've been on the hunt for a buffet since we bought our house in April. It's been months since I have seen the top of our dining room table since it's been filled with our bridal shower and wedding gifts. (thank you!)

I finally bought a leaning book shelf from Crate and Barrel to place in the room to help organize our wine glasses and serving pieces since we can easily use it in our office once we find a buffet (win-win). I actually tried assembling the shelf the night before we left for our honeymoon and ended up spending an hour putting it together...BACKWARDS! Thankfully, my mom took it apart and put it back together while we were in Cabo - You're the best, Mom!

I definitely am a firm believer that you need to live in your house before making big purchases/renovations, rather than looking for inexpensive items to fill your home that you don't completely love. I've changed out lamps, pillows and currently have a mirror leaning on our fireplace mantel waiting for me to decide if it's a keeper or not. But things like our pink toilets have stayed since I want to make sure I am set on our renovation plans for both bathrooms.

I've looked at consignment shops, IKEA, Pottery Barn, Crate and Barrel, Pinterest - and haven't had the best luck. I loved a buffet at IKEA, but was afraid it wouldn't last long. Loved a few at Pottery Barn, but wanted to keep searching for something more affordable. Registered for one at Crate and Barrel, but ended up deciding it was too small for our space. 

And then... I decided to check out World Market. I am still a little unsure since I've heard mixed reviews about the longevity of their pieces, but the 25% furniture sale sucked me in.

I really love the finish on this piece and that the legs make it look a little less conservative. It's long enough to provide the storage we need and I can easily update the knobs on the doors to glass knobs. 

I had to call four stores to find it in stock, so hopefully that's a good sign. 


Also, has anyone ever noticed how hard it is to find a corner TV stand? Maybe we just positioned our room funky - but it is really hard to find a big selection of corner stands with options. 

I love this stand from Crate and Barrel... enough to break down and pay the $900 price tag (with the help of gift cards from the wedding.) We've been using a spare coffee table as a media stand.
It also came in this stain for $100 cheaper, so we are going to have to examine the finishes in store before making our decision. But since we plan on being in our house for awhile, we want to invest in nice pieces that will last - and match all my changing pillow cases :-)


  1. Checking out cymax (online) for corner mom found one there after lots of searching and I have bought a few things on there as well! And free shipping!

  2. I just started writing a post about redecorating our house earlier! That's the only good thing about Sandy... I get to completely re-do our place!

    1. Can't wait to see your ideas! It's definitely a ton of fun, but a lengthy process! The outcome definitely makes it worth the wait though :)