Sunday, November 11, 2012

Our Cabo Honeymoon Experience

We're back from our honeymoon!! It was filled with lots of mango margaritas, room service, gorgeous surroundings, snorkeling and lots of new memories with my handsome hubs :-)

We plan on going back to Cabo every year for our anniversary/Christmas present to each other - hopefully that actually happens. We stayed at Pueblo Bonita Pacifica and I couldn't say more nice things about the resort! Everyone was so friendly, the views were gorgeous and I definitely recommend getting the all inclusive plan.

This was the view from our taxi driving to the resort from the airport - the mountains look like someone painted them into the sky.

The view from our room was awesome...

But was even better at sunset.

We took a glass bottom boat tour, which I highly recommend. For 10-12 dollars you get a tour of pelican and lovers beach. Bring your swimsuit, a towel, some drinks and sunscreen because you can be dropped off at the beaches and picked up later.

At lovers beach you can swim in the sea of cortez and on the other side (divorce beach) you can walk along the pacific ocean. We rented snorkeling gear and hit the water.

The great thing about staying at Pueblo Bonita is that there are 4 resorts which you can visit through their free shuttle service. At Blanco, they had these adorable turtles and flamingos poolside.

At the Rose resort I fell in love with these turquoise and grey birds!

At Sunset (another resort) you can catch the best view of the sunset - and have a few drinks with a handsome guy!

Although I totally didn't mind the view of the sunset from our resort either.

And of course on our last day my hair finally gave in and worked with me. Note to self - never assume that hotels provide conditioner when you are packing at 2 am. Also, don't forget to pack sunglasses to a tropical vacation - at least we remembered sunscreen and didn't burn!

I'm happy to be home with our pups and getting back to a normal routine that doesn't involve place cards or dealing with florists - and after eating like a champ, I am definitely ready to get back into a gym and healthy eating routine (which definitely slacked during planning our wedding too).

Happy Veterans day to all those who have and currently are serving! I am so thankful!


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