Sunday, February 13, 2011

Fish Burrito!

 Do vegetarians eat animal crackers?

Who else saw Selena Gomez on the E! grammy pre-show? LOVED everything about her outfit!! If you missed it she had cascading curls, soft makeup, a gorgeous champagne gown and amazing shoes! Not to worry, I know my descriptions are vauge so here are some pics!

Okay, enough obsessing... on to my weekend. I seriously live for relaxing weekends, is there anything better? Friday night I rushed to the gym to make it to cycle class. I like how each night there is a different teacher. New music and new routines make me one happy girl. Dinner was tilapia and half of a spinach, corn and black bean wrap.

Saturday Chris and I spent the day with his family. {I'm so lucky to have met an amazing guy with an equally amazing family.} I love each and every one of them as if they were my own! Lucky for us they have two adorable dachshunds, Hazel and Ruby, that Chance loves playing with. His grandmother, Nan, gave me a gorgeous bouquet of irises for Valentine's Day - which have now made my kitchen table so happy that it is no longer naked! It was definitely my day of rest, on eating and working out. We had breakfast burritos and I made a spinach, onion and pepperoni pizza for dinner.

how cute does he look riding in the backseat?!

Today my handsome man washed all the dishes. I love when that happens! It gave me time to pack his lunch and brew some coffee... which I am quickly growing out of. I need to start drinking tea for my caffeine fix - iced passion fruit tea from Starbucks please!

Breakfast was yogurt and oatmeal and lunch was 1/2 of an almond butter, banana protein shake. I just couldn't get all of it down! I headed to the gym to run off those slices of pizza!

I like to refer to my running on the treadmill as rogging {jogging+running}. I envy all you girls who can run 6+ mph, I really do. I like to stick to a 5.8 pace which is just right for me and my booty. I always pick the treadmill next to someone who is running, it gives me extra motivation. Little do they know I am secretly having a competition of who can run the longest. haha!

I rogged 3.5 miles in 38 minutes. Here is a play by play of my treadmill fun.
0-5 minutes: 3.5
5-20 minutes: 5.8
20-25 minutes: 3.5
25-35 minutes: 5.8
35-38 mintues: 3.5

I kept thinking about tomorrow and taking our 4th annual Valentine's Day photo for inspiration. I swear I am the only person who isn't more energized after they get done the gym? After rogging, doing abs and weights I wanted to pass out in the parking lot. If someone would have tossed me a blanket and pillow I probably could have. BTW - I think we need a new scale. When I weigh myself at the gym it always weighs me 5-8 pounds lighter than my scale at home. I am not the first person to notice this either, I think Chris is playing tricks on me! I'll use the gym's scale for my info from now on. :)

Dinner was tilapia burritos. Our kitchen was looking bare and I had to concoct something delicious with the little we had left in our fridge.

2-3 fillets of tilapia depending on their size
2 wraps
1/2 cup corn
1/2 cup black beans
1/2 bag spinach
1 tablespoon olive oil
old bay seasoning
2 teaspoons lime juice
1/2 tablespoon garlic powder
1/2 cup shredder reduced fat cheese
1/2 cup red onion half moon slices

Spray a pan on medium heat with cooking spray. Season tilapia with Old Bay and cook fully. Set aside and top with lime juice. Add olive oil, spinach and garlic powder and cook fully. Set aside. Reduce heat to medium-low and place one wrap in pan. Layer cheese, spinach, corn, black beans, red onion and tilapia. Leave for 3-5 minutes until you can see the cheese has melted. Roll up like a burrito and enjoy!

I made reservations to our favorite "secret hide-out" restaurant for Valentine's Day. Now I just have to worry about getting ready at work because silly me made reservations for 6! Here are some photos of inside the restaurant. See if you can guess where we are going and what type of food we will be having!

Pretty easy to tell, but I love the painted windows and lighting... {AND} the food is amazing! I have been craving for months! They also have the best margaritas in town!

I have {SO MANY} fabulous giveaways to tell you guys about!
The Fitness Apple is giving away homemade trail-mix, nut butter, larabars and more! Enter here.
Shelby is giving away Raw Crunch Bars in 4 different flavors! Enter here.
Oats and Spice is giving away a Peeled Snacks giveaway! Enter here.
Livin' with Heather is giving away a book and starbucks giftcard! Enter here.
Cait is giving away a Coach bangle! How fab! Enter here.

I am sure there are more I am forgetting because honestly every awesome blog is giving away something right now! I am plotting of what I want my first giveaway to be!

Keeping up with my blog challenge!

Day 15: Bible verse
I think this is entirely fitting of my blog...
Proverbs 15:17
A bowl of vegetables with someone you love is better than steak with someone you hate.

Day 16: Dream house
I would love to own a house with a big wrap around porch, lots of windows that reach from the ceiling to the floor {love natural light}, and a balcony coming out of the master room. I have been praying to the God of Homes to win the HGTV Dream Home!

Day 17: Something you’re looking forward to
Tomorrow! It is Valentine's Day and that means just another day to remind ourselves that we are lucky to have love in our lives! I'm looking forward to a big burrito and homemade chips!
I am also looking forward to my tax refund - this girl needs her hair cut and highlighted and Friday I am lucky to have my best Brittany come over to make oatmeal bars and homemade pizza!

I have been thinking of things I want to make this week. Homemade pizza with whole wheat crust, oatmeal snack bars, asian lettuce wraps and more! You will have to stay tuned and see how they turn out!

Hope everyone has an amazing Valentine's Day! I have already prepped our breakfast!

my sleepy little bear!



  1. Tilapia Burritos sound AWESOME! I really like background to your blog they look like my bed sheets! thanks for posting on my blog today! Glad you and Chris have a wonderful relationship!

  2. Happy Valentine's Day!!! Your little baby is so cute! Such a precious puppy :)

  3. Hope you have a great day with your man tomorrow! I cant figure out the restaurant?? I have shoes like Selena but have yet to wear them :(

  4. I didn't watch the grammys-but I dvr'd the red carpet so I have to watch, I saw all the tweets about Selena and by your pics-she looked gorg!!!!

    Any kind of burrito's are ok in my book-yum!!!!

    Happy Vday, hope you have a great day!!!!