Thursday, February 17, 2011

Inspiration Board

 Promise yourself to give so much time to improving yourself that you have no time to criticize others.

Have you ever had one of those days at work where you wish you could lock all your co-workers in a closet and throw away the key? That was my day. {hello to all of you who read this! please continue to read, i really do love you!} It definitely gave me a lot of stress to work off at spin class tonight! Trying to look at the plus side.

Chris says I talk in my sleep at least once a night and it is usually about work. And to top it off I started grinding my teeth at night from the stress of my first job! Oh man, I think I need to meditate more often. Or maybe just need to take more candlelit baths. All suggestions are welcome.

Beginning of Work
End of Work

Okay, so my sad, squishy face is proof you should live your life happily - save the wrinkles for your grandma people! How about a happier face now? I am continuing my pre-workout pics.

I feel like every guy recently has been asking me when Chris and I are tying the knot. {not anytime soon}. We are completely happy just enjoying each other right now. I thought it would more so be the girls asking this question. Well boys, you fooled me! However, I did find the absolute cutest ideas of reception decorating. Maybe I should start an inspiration board for when we do find the right time in our life to settle down a bit.

You get the idea. While I am at it, I think I should start making a bikini inspiration board. It will help me stay on track for the upcoming warm weather! Today for lunch I had a SALAD!! Alright, maybe I am the only one who is excited for this but honestly I was stepping back into my old routine. I chopped some green peppers and carrots, added torn lettuce, black beans and half of a chicken breast seasoned with Old Bay {my one true love}. I tossed with a light vinaigrette.

I decided to list some great salad toppers to give you guys inspiration:
black bean and corn salsa
dried cranberries
green peppers
sunflower seeds

What's your favorite salad topper? I love dried cranberries and black bean/corn salsa. Tonight I am going to make some pea soup for lunch tomorrow and make tilapia for dinner. Keepin' it light. Have you ever tried greek yogurt with honey and strawberries? Heaven in my mouth!

lemon pepper tilapia and spinach organic orzo

Day 21: Favorite Picture of yourself ALL TIME Why?

 {just kiddin'}

I like this photo of me and Chris. I don't know if it is my favorite because honestly I delete all the photos I hate so they are all a favorite in their own way! This was probably 3 months into our relationship. I loved when he wore his studs... ahhhh :)

Here's to tomorrow's salad!


  1. hahah we all have those days at work! I usually like to say "throw in the inner harbor" but lock in a closet works too! I also have a word document that i've been working on for 3 years with pictures of various wedding ideas! love it!

  2. oh man you totally should have locked me in a closet today! LOL

  3. Ashlene - NOOO! I love you both! And it made my day that you gave me your IM :) I can stalk you now!

    Katey you inspired me today! I saw that wedding blog and was instantly addicted. I have a folder on my old desktop with dress/flower/ring ideas. But I feel like I am always changing my mind. Emerald cut solitaire with a black diamond band is what I want now!

  4. I totally need a bikini/wedding inspirational board-thanks for the reminder as I was debating having a late night snack when I am NOT hungry!

  5. kristina! i am making one tomorrow. i'll post to give you some ideas! plus, i doubt the snacks you keep in your house are healthy and yum!

  6. whew, i got on :)
    i started a wedding binder yearssss ago when i took wedding/event planning courses. it's great to keep one i definitely suggest it!
    i need to post a picture of me at my skinniest on all of my cabinets and refrigerator so i look good in 3 weeks!

  7. i was looking at beach bunny swimwear last night for inspiration! definitely helped haha

    when are we having our get together! soon i hope!

  8. so many fabulous things in this post!!
    1. i already have a wedding binder/folder with the 32827 things i'd love to plan for a wedding..your pics are almost identical for what I'm looking at!
    2. my boyfriend and i have been dating for 3 1/2 years and EVERYONE alway asks when we're getting married..not in a hurray and we're just waiting for the right time :)
    3. love your bikini inspiration board! :) xoxo

    happy weekend darlin'

  9. Girl. If you could send me BOTH of those inspirational boards (bikini and wedding) I'd be your best friend forever! Haha! I am engaged, and you already are way better at planning than me... Hmmm. Note to self.

    I'm so glad you found me! I love meeting new blog friends! :)

  10. You are so pretty!! And I love all those wedding pics...hehe :)

  11. Are you busy on Monday!? Katelyn from Chef Katelyn is going to be in DC and wanted to have a blogger meet-up. Let me know if you are around!