Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Skim Deluxe

 If love is blind, why is lingerie so popular?

Hello, my name is the Love Creeper... haha just kiddin'. But really, I love hearing/reading everyone's Valentine's Day stories. It makes my heart all warm and fuzzy. I truly believe everyone deserves to live out their fairy tale, not just one day of the year but all year long!

Chris and I had dinner at Miguels Cocina y Cantina in Silo Point. I am addicted to anything wrapped in a tortilla. {guilty} When we lived in Salisbury we always went to Cactus Taverna on Valentine's Day. They decorated for the occasion perfectly {imagine red, candlelit and stars hanging everywhere} and had live music. Even though the place was filled to the brim, you somehow always felt like the only one in the restaurant. Plus, who doesn't love a free cognac after every meal?

We definitely carried on the Mexican tradition. Salsa and chips, the Tri Burrito and some churros for dessert! I would have taken a photo of the actual food we ate last night, but to save Chris from embarrassment I knew I had a photo of the exact meal from last summer.

Ladies and Gents, I introduce you to the Tri Burrito.
I'm sorry but how handsome is my man?! Him and Jayden @ Miguels in 2010.
I had my leftovers for lunch today, I can only ever finish 1/3 of that thing! Good thing I packed and brought my gym clothes to work - I headed to spin class exactly at 5:30.

I made Chris some coupons for Valentine's Day this year. I would rather do something new and fun together then get something I don't really need, hence the coupon for a rock climbing outing. I used Photoshop to make these bad boys, made them into stickers, stuck them on some thick black board and cut them out. {yes, I know I spelled huffing wrong, it got fixed!}. But how cute did these turn out!

Needless to say, he wanted to use the no complaining for a week coupon first. Figured. ha! I also finally finished filing my taxes this past weekend. Since this is the last year I get to write off my tuition and books I am looking forward to my direct deposit! My hair is in desperate need of a little {TLC}. That is one thing boys will never understand. I am thinking of adding some highlights to break up the darkness on my roots.

something along these lines

After spin class I went grocery shopping {sweaty pits and all}. Do you know that they now make skim deluxe milk? I know, I thought you couldn't take anything else out of skim too! But, apparently these people did. Less sugar, carbs, calories and sodium. 

Dinner was turkey sausage with homemade pasta sauce and garden rotini. I also had half of a sandwich thin with "I can't believe it's not butter light" and garlic powder. I always had the idea that any type of sausage was bad, unhealthy and fatty. Well, when comparing the turkey sausage to ground chicken it is similar in fat and less in calories. Go figure!

Here are a few photos of us on Valentine's Day this year. Notice how much we have changed since our first Valentine's Day? My hair is no longer up to my chin, dyed dark and I am not fake tanning anymore. {even though i miss falling asleep in those tanning beds}.

me and my valentine <3
muuahhh! xoxo
my roses hand delivered to my office, love them!
Day 18: Favorite Place to Eat
I love chipotle, I don't know if I could ever get tired of it or maybe it's that I haven't eaten there in so long! panera for their salads and The Oceanaire Seafood Room for dinner.

Day 19: Something you miss
Well this is an obvious one. I miss my puppy Princeton. Life doesn't hand you anything you can't handle though.

I completely forgot to post this last night so look forward to an even better post tonight!!

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  1. OMG girl you're one after my own heart! I LOVE chipotle! Seriously stuffing it all in a big burrito is just mouthwatering! There is also a place in Iowa which is like Chipotle called Pancheros. sooo yummy! Something I miss is def my boyfriend whose back in Iowa since I'm back home in Chi dong the grad school thing! love your post! xoxo

  2. A Chipotle is being built around the corner from me-we don't have one, and i've never had it (don't kick me!)
    Love those vday pics-so cute!

  3. Kristina- you are going to become obsessed. we didn't have one near our college so when I went home I would always order 2 burrito bowls, one for then and one for later haha.

    I heard Chicago has a lot of healthy restaurant chains though! I have never been but I heard it is an amazing city, I would love to visit!

  4. AH, I love Chipotle too! Actually, I would prob say I am obsessed with Chipotle! Yum! :)

    You and your man are so adorable!!!