Monday, September 26, 2011

DIY Yarn Letters

The first thing I had on my mind to make this weekend was a yarn letter! It only involves three materials and will definitely put you in a trance as you wrap the yarn around the wooden letter!

I chose the letter C for obvious reasons (Cara), but also because it also represents Chris! The funny thing is if Chris and I get married our initials will be the same - C.E.L.

So eventually I will grab an E and L and complete the yarn letter monogram :) I plan on hanging it in our one day office surround by photos of us. 

What you will need:
Glue gun
Wooden letter of your choice
Yarn in the color of your choice

I have a thing for all things golden, bronze, cream, dark chocolate and deep purple. When my mom and I found this color yarn it was fate! It was a beautiful bronze color with silver specs in it. Perfect.

Simply wrap the yarn around your wooden letter and glue in place. Trust me it sounds easier than it is. This is very tedious but the results are worth it! Plus I am sure I saw this at Anthropologie and it was three times as expensive ;)

Yesterday Chris and I ran a 5k at a Pumpkin Farm - Summers Farm in Frederick. We had a blast and even though it was muddy and early we were so happy we went! We finished in 34 minutes which was fine since we hadn't been running as consistently lately... just here and there.

We were given apple cider, water and freshly made apple cider donuts coated in cinnamon sugar after the race. There were games, corn mazes, a petting zoo, slides - you name it, they had it. AND since we ran we got a free admission to come back, which I definitely plan on doing :)

 haha we are dorks! we were definitely hot and sweaty after those miles!

 how freakin' cute are they? adorable and i loved their colors! notice his goat-tee haha yeah, i used that joke today!

and the babies were precious! please someone tell me they made miniature goats because I want to take one home!!

We had a great weekend, the Ravens won and I'm looking forward to new classes at the gym and next weekend already :) Happy Monday!


  1. I just started planning my baby's nursery and that yarn letter would be perfect! Thanks! :-)

  2. Awe super cute I love it!! I agree with Maryea, it would look adorable in a baby nursery too!!

  3. This is so cute. My roommate and I have been trying to think of decorative things to do for our apartment. I am def going to have to do this.

  4. How cute!! Love the yarn letter :D