Friday, September 16, 2011


Did anyone check out that sky yesterday? Can you say amazing?! It's views like that that really make me believe in heaven. It was one of the most amazing skies I have ever seen! If you have a photo please send it to me! My camera was dead.

My friend Katey sent me this one from her phone. OMG amazing right?!

On another note about things I am swooning over... I am beyond excited for our photo shoot in two weeks... I mean we have only been waiting for this day since March 16th when we won the contest. nbd.

But really, thank goodness for Pinterest because without that I wouldn't be able to pin all the amazing ideas I see online into an inspiration board.

I have so many ideas for our shoot and thankfully we have an amazing photographer who is amazing at editing in the vintage feel I love.

I have been stalking ideeli lately for clothing ideas so if you have any suggestions feel free to send them our way! I already have plans of getting my makeup done before hand - something I have never done but I want this shoot to be perfect.

If you need an invite to ideeli you can use my link:

My parents have the most amazing backdrop and we are surrounded by fields, farms, and have a cute little main street 10 minutes away so I can even have a few urban shots done.

I know what our Christmas presents to family will be this year!

Have you ever had a photo shoot with your significant other? Did you plan way in advance like me? What were your favorite props?

I have never had a professional shoot done other than my classic 1st grade photos with my sister. I have changed our theme 3 times, but I feel taking them at my parents house will really capture who we are and what we love. I am thinking balloons, bubbles, lights stringing from the tree and a photo of us kissing on the fence and top of the barn. Don't worry I will share them all when we get the pics!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I can't wait to see those! They sound so romantic and picturesque :)

  2. Ooooh, I've been seeing these photos on Pinterest, and I can't wait to see your versions of them! :) Have fun, and make sure to share them!

  3. sounds beautiful, as are you, so how can they not be amazing?
    My tip: we had 2 engagement shoots (snowed for the first one so it got cut short) and then our wedding, and the best pictures were the ones where I didn't try to pose or have the "perfect" smile and was laughing at Brandon being ridiculous or thinking of something that makes me smile so it's natural.

  4. I wasn't in town that night, but my sister took a picture of the sky and sent it to me--so gorgeous!!