Monday, September 19, 2011

My Second Chance

Happy Birthday to my sweet little Chance!!

I can't believe he is already one years old! Besides from unconditional love and an overwhelmingly cute face he has:
chewed the stitching out from my new couch and tore out the stuffing 
couldn't learn how to come until he was 8 months old
found his voice early on in life
scared the poop out of me after his surgery when I rushed him to the ER.

He has brought so much laughter to my life. Hopefully in his old age he will become a better snuggler though... 2 minutes of snuggling is not long enough!

He is almost a chameleon with how much he has changed throughout his first year - looks alone!

The first time I met my little nugget face. I loved how different his colors were from the rest!

He has always resembled a little sleepy bear when all snuggled up! That sweater doesn't fit him anymore!

 The first time he smiled. His colors were getting lighter here!

 His hair hadn't grown out yet!

 Visiting me at work over the holidays!

 So tiny!

 His First Trip to the beach!

 Getting ready for his playgirl shoot

My main man. I love you Chance!


  1. So glad you got another puppy to make you happy. He's so cute! We plan to get one in the Spring!!

  2. Awwwwww, he's too cute! We are planning on getting a dog when we move out of this apartment, so sometime early next year!

    Happy Birthday to Chance!

  3. Oh my god, he is way too cute! The picture at the beach is killing me! Love that little guy up!

  4. Happy Birthday, Chance! What a sweetie! I want to snuggle with him, even if for just two minutes. :-p He's lucky to have such a loving mama looking after him!