Saturday, January 29, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

and I had the most wonderful day with you...

As most of you already know, yesterday was Christopher's and my 3 year anniversary... and I couldn't be more thankful and lucky to have him in my life! I'll forewarn all those who hate hearing about couples in love, this post probably won't be for you. 

Me on the other hand, loves to hear love stories. I am always asking people "how did you two meet?" or "how did he propose?". And I'll tell you one thing. People do enjoy telling those stories because they are some of the happiest memories in their life. 

Don't you hate when you take a day off from work - only to wake up at the same time or earlier than you normally do?! In college I could sleep in until noon, no sweat. Now, I can't sleep past 9:30 it feels like! Well, that was the case yesterday. I woke up earlier than planned and hopped out of bed to let Chris sleep. He is on a completely different schedule than myself and could sleep til 6pm if you let him.

That's okay though... I woke up to these gorgeous roses in my kitchen and a full fridge packed with breakfast foods. Didn't I go out the night before in search for breakfast ideas?? We think too similarly! Although when I woke up he said he was making me breakfast in bed, I really do enjoy cooking and he needed the extra sleep!

So, here it is. I made a delicious brunch for two. Whole wheat waffles with a few fresh blueberries tossed in, grapefruit, egg whites and bacon. To all of you who burn pancakes like myself, invest in a waffle maker! You never have to worry about burning or flipping and they come out perfect every time! Add a tablespoon of brown sugar and a splash of vanilla extract and they turn out delicious! Or, if you are feeling extra fancy, I like adding in a couple splashes of caramel Baileys liquor. YUM-O!

After brunch, Chris rushed me in the shower saying we had an action packed day ahead of us. I had to pack long socks and gloves! I am horrible at keeping secrets like gifts... to the point where I beg you to let me tell you what it is. But this time, I kept my mouth shut and ears closed.

Surprise, surprise! Both times we went to Boston I was dying to go to Frog Pond lake! It is this huge pond in the middle of the Boston Common where you can ice skate outside. The first time we left the day before it opened. The second time, my dyslexic self, completely screwed up the hours and we got there too late. Totally bummed to say the least. But, Chris did his research and found an outside skating rink in Glen Burnie. We were the only ones there and it couldn't have been a better surprise. Plus, it was still snowing out. God couldn't have made better weather for a better memory.

My hair was ruined after an hour or so of skating!
We found someone to take our photo!
Showing off his skating skills!
Next we were off to another stop. We ended up at the Vitamin Shoppe. I had been saying how I wanted to start taking protein before I work out or substitute my breakfast for a shake when I am in a rush. Luckily for me I have a boyfriend who is a good listener. We picked up a container of my favorite Oh, Yeah! protein in vanilla creme. So, you guys will have to stay tuned! I'm going to find some awesome recipes to put this to use too!

After leaving the store we stopped at the Columbia Association, picked up some movie tickets and headed to dinner. Chris made reservations for dinner at the Melting Pot. I had never been before, but for my "our first apartment warming gift" Chris bought us a fondue kit. For our second anniversary he set up a huge fondue spread at our apartment.

So, it was only fitting that I tried this place out. The food was good, wine better. I have a love hate relationship with my hair. It wanted to try out every dip apparently, so I left with crusty hair and sauce on my shirt. haha FAIL.

I almost forgot to mention! After reading Tori's blog I was dying for a Magic Bullet. I could use it for homemade pasta sauce, making dips... you name it, I'll make it. Welp, my awesome boyfriend got me one too! I can use it to make my protein shakes in the morning or on the way to the gym, hence why I also got a huge tub of my favorite protein. So thoughtful!! Now I'll be making his protein shakes in the morning too, I can see it now. haha.

Not a day goes by where I don't think of how lucky I am. Chris truly is my best friend and we have been through things most people wouldn't expect. I always say how lucky we are to have grown together then apart while growing up and it's the truth.

Our 1 year Anniversary
Our 2 year Anniversary
Our 3 year Anniversary
Alyssa recently started a 30 day blog challenge that I am going to try to keep up with! So stayed tuned.

Post One: Introduce, recent picture of yourself, 15 interesting facts.

As most of you know my name is Cara. I am 23, have two Chihuahua's (Chance and Maggie) and live in Annapolis with my boyfriend Chris. I work as an Interactive Project Manager at gkv Communications and am a part of the Baltimore AAF's program committee. I have recently started this blog to put my thoughts into words and to find healthy meals to not only inspire you, the readers, but also myself. 

As you can see from today's post I have plenty of recent photos and refuse to take one of myself in my pj's with hair gone wild.

1. I am afraid/uneasy/nervous of escalators. When I was in 8th grade I tripped and fell down one at the mall. Ever since I have always dreaded them! 
2. I am dyslexic. I am always mixing things up and have to read a books page twice before it sticks in my head. I get it from my mom, thanks!
3. My eyes turn blue when I cry. How perfect! I have hazel eyes, so like most of us they change based on what we are wearing, how we are feeling or the day.
4. Cooking calms me. 
5. I have a weak stomach. Almost every restaurant upsets me. Probably because I was born lactose intolerant and threw out the Lactaid Milk and pills once I hit middle school.
6. I am awesome at finding job postings for people. I am always keeping an eye out for friends who still haven't had any luck.
7. I am such an indecisive shopper. I am always looking at prices and will make 3 stops to different grocery stores in a week if I have to. (this week was whole foods, TJ's and Safeway).
8. I worry about money too much. I can't wait until I have a career where that doesn't happen.
9. I love long hair Chihuahuas. I have had two. I used to always want a Pomeranian, but we read Chihuahuas usually only get along with their kind. Since we had Princess Moo we decided on a long hair. Best. Decision. Ever.
10. I love kickboxing class. It is my favorite class to take at the gym.
11. My favorite flowers are orchids and lillys. 
12. I once got a D in gym class. Even after running an extra credit 5k. Hmmm, I don't even know how that one happened.
13. I used to wear heals every day until I went to Salisbury. 
14. I used to work at a gym and miss the free membership, free protein drinks (from vendors) and free tanning. Powerhouse please open in Columbia!
15. I hate chocolate. It tastes like dirt. I have since I was born. Ask any of my family.

Tomorrow is about the meaning behind my blog title! Stay tuned.

Love often.

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  1. I love you both! and number 1 on your list is definitely an indicator of why you were freaking on the elevator at the metro station! xoxo