Friday, January 7, 2011

Purple Friday

If you live in Baltimore, purple Friday is certainly no stranger to you. The Ravens are in the playoffs and soon to be Superbowl! (we can only hope!) To be honest, I am no expert at football and only watch when the Ravens are playing. Afterall, Todd Heap is one of the sexiest guys in the NFL.

Working in Baltimore has opened my eyes to how amazing the Ravens fans are. I bet if I walked down the streets of DC I wouldn't see very much Redskins pride. And to top it off, I am lucky enough to release Ravens web banners for the Maryland Lottery and my company gave out tickets to the Ravens vs. Steelers game as a Halloween prize. It doesn't get better than that, unless I win seats for life in the Ravens Cash Fantasy.

Keep your eyes peeled this weekend as Baltimore turns Purple in support of our boys! Even Mr. Natty BOH himself has turned purple for the occasion.

Throughout the streets you can spot these!
The Legg Mason and Marriott in Baltimore lit up in Purple
Only the cutest Ravens fan in Baltimore!
Sporting my Purple today at work!

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. Love that you put Jayden in this and love your shirt or dress..whatever it is! I was planning on posting about the Ravens too so don't hate me if I do! <3 you

  2. I would love if you posted about the Ravens! You are 100x the fan I am! Don't be surprised if you see Jayden popping up in more of my future blogs. ;-)